Summer Reading Mega Book List

Are you looking for some awesome books to complete your summer reading list? Need something to read on vacation? Looking for a quick read because you are bored? Well, fret not! We have many great titles picked by our librarians to ensure a good time.

For grade specific suggestions, check here

A Sizeable Crew

Large families can bring plenty of chaos and clutter to everyday situations, but love, laughter and loyalty flourish. These stories highlight the energy and spirit affiliated in families where siblings abound

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Here Comes the Sun

Brighten your summer with these sunny picture books. They'll lighten your mood even on rainy days.

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Hey Kids, Lend Us Your Ears!

Audiobooks are a fantastic way to dive into a good book. Great narrators, plots, and the ability to travel anywhere make them a total win.

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Fiction Set Around the World

Without leaving the comfort of your own home, experience a world of settings in the following fiction titles. For more information about the countries and locations, you can look up most country names and find nonfiction titles or investigate our Research & Learn page.

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Totally Crushed Out

Check off yes or no on these chapter books for older readers featuring stories of romance, crushes, and blushing characters. Feel free to leave a note in our locker to let us know which one you picked. In this list, OMG is for oh, middle grade.

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Travel to Other Countries from the Comfort of Your Home

You can look up most country names and find nonfiction titles about that location, or investigate our Research & Learn webpage. But if you’re looking for a picture book escape, the following books will take you to countries around the world.

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Kindness and Compliments

To get you into the complimenting spirit, take a look at this list of compliments written inside some of our books. See if you can find a compliment hiding in the book you are currently reading.

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Gone to the Beach

It's summertime and time for reading is plentiful, so grab your sunglasses and beach towel for these balmy chapter books.

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Stories Set in Michigan

Whether it's spooky, realistic, historical, or humorous fiction you seek, you'll find what you're looking for in this list of tales that have one thing in common—they all take place in the great state of Michigan.

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From Zinnias to Tomatoes

Gardening offers beauty and nourishment, whether you want to grow flowers and plants or herbs and vegetables. Check out some garden stories and learn gardening basics from these colorful reads.

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Read a Book, Save the World

Books that are written to show the impact of humans on Earth are called environmental fiction or eco-fiction. These eco-fiction titles show what has happened, or what could happen, if we don't literally clean up our act and protect our beautiful planet.

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Have you read so many books that you aren't sure what to read next, or are looking for something very specific? Get a customized reading list based on your likes, dislikes, and requirements by filling out a May We Suggest form today.