Storytime: Mushrooms

Did you miss storytime? Perhaps it is just one of those days when you need a little boost with your little ones. Fret not. We have gathered some storytime resources for you at home, thanks to librarians Ms. Marianne and Ms. Erin. Follow our steps below or mix-and-match for the ultimate storytime experience. 

Today's Theme: Mushrooms 

1. Energize with a Song 

Start your storytime by listening to Librarian Marianne sing "Wake Up Feet". 

2. Activity: Counting Mushrooms

Download this mushroom printable for your next activity. 

Can you count all of the mushrooms?

  • How many giant mushrooms?
  • How many tiny mushrooms?

Feel free to count them on the screen. Alternatively, you can print out the sheet and cut them out with your kids to make a small counting board. For a fun extension activity, hide them (in plain sight) around your home and see if your kids can seek them. 

3. Read a Book About Mushrooms 

A few lovely picture books featuring mushrooms have been published recently. Try one of these selections from Librarian Erin if you're looking for a collection of books that would make for a fun read-aloud with lovely fungus and friendly woodland creatures. When you're done, head outside to play or go creature spotting.

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4. Sing a Goodbye Song 

See you next time! Wrap up your storytime and sing along with our librarians to Skinnamarink.