Romantically Involved: Romance for Everyone

Love isn’t just in the air, it’s also on our shelves, and we have a romance story for everyone. 

Check off yes or no on these Totally Crushed Out chapter books for older middle-grade readers featuring stories of romance, crushes and blushing characters. 

Teens, if you’re a fan of Colleen Hoover, check out this list of Must Read Read-Alikes. It has everything from heart-wrenching romance to people just trying to figure out where they fit in life. Looking for a wide variety of teen romance? Fall in Love With a YA Romance Book from this list of selections that will be sure to catch your eye. If you’re more inclined towards reading manga, we also have a list of Romance Manga that you can’t afford to miss. 

If you like your romances to have a bit of flair, well, we have lists for you too. What’s a little murder between lovers? Just like these books, Love Can Be Killer, so have a dash of murder with your helping of romance. And while these witches aren’t committing any crimes, they are charming their way into love and breaking ancient curses in this list of Spellbound Romances.

Romance should have plenty of diversity—after all, people from all walks of life know how to love. It may not be June, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with one of these Loving Day recommendations or find your own LGBTQ-tie

Whether you like your romances a little steamy or nice and clean, we have a book for you. Check out this list of Proper Romance Prose for some heartwarming stories or these Hot Reads for Cold Nights to get your heart pounding. If you're an e-book aficionado, try More Sugar, Less Spice for some sizzling titles. 

Do you enjoy holiday cheer with your romance? These Hallmark-Worthy Holiday Romances are perfect for your festive romance fix any time of the year. 

If you don’t have time for a book or are just looking for a nice movie to watch, we have you covered too. Check out these Holiday Romances available on hoopla or pick up one of these Perfectly Timed romances from our DVD shelf.