Ordering Food? Meet the Driver at the Door

The call of knowledge can be a potent one, but there is a stronger pull that even the most devoted of scholars can’t ignore... the grumbly call of the empty stomach. We get that. If you’re at the library for an extended period you will probably want to refuel with liquids, snacks, and sometimes even a full-blown meal.

Rest assured—you are more than welcome to quiet your growling stomach, even while browsing materials or enjoying a chair by the fire.

If you do order in, please make sure to meet the person delivering your food at the door. If a driver approaches the Check Out Desk about an order, we will tell them to call the person that made the order. We can’t accept deliveries on your behalf or store them at the desk.

Whether you’re bringing in a picnic basket or ordering pizza for your study group, we have two requests:

  • Be mindful of our fragile materials and resources like computers
  • Make sure there are no crumbs left behind. If a spill does happen, please wipe it up!

When in doubt, consider what you would do at your own home or if you were a guest at a friend or family member’s house. We are more than happy to loan cleaner and paper towels if needed, and will not judge. We would much rather know and help clean up when your snack goes wrong, than find something growing later or have the next unsuspecting patron set an item down into a sticky or greasy mess.

If you do eat at the library, it’s great to plan ahead. We have some paper towels you can use, but we don’t have cups, dishes, napkins or silverware. We also can’t heat food for you, and don’t provide refrigeration or ice.

So, in short: please feel free to satisfy your hunger or thirst at the library, just be mindful and considerate of your surroundings and others. As that Snickers ad so insightfully proclaimed, “You’re not you when you’re hungry,” and we want you to be the best you that you can be.