Need to Fax?

You can send a fax to anywhere in the U.S. for free from the copiers in the Self Service Center, which can be found to the right of the Check Out Desk as you enter the library. Written instructions are below, or watch this video.

The library no longer offers international faxing. If you need to send a fax to another country, nearby Office Max, Kinko's and UPS stores offer this service.

How to fax:

  • Place the pages you want to fax in the feeder face up or on the glass face down if they are too large or small to fit the feeder, or if you are faxing a booklet.
  • Press the Scan/Fax button on the display (second button). If you don’t see Scan/Fax, press the Home button on bottom left of the display and look for the Scan/Fax button.
  • You should see a number pad on the screen. Enter in the number (1 plus the area code and phone number without spaces) of where you want to fax. The fax number you are sending to should appear in the display. If it looks correct, press the OK button just under and to the right of the number pad on the display.
  • Press the Start button at the bottom of the display to fax (unless faxing multiple documents from the glass).
  • If faxing a non-standard paper or booklet, use the glass under the document feeder and place face down. When faxing multiple items, be sure to select the Separate Scan feature and press On before scanning. 

Once finished, you will receive a printed report, “TX Result Report,” showing whether the fax succeeded or failed. It will be in the copy output tray beneath the feeder. It may be a few minutes before the report prints. If successful, you will see OK below the word “Result”. If unsuccessful, the reason for failure will be listed below the word “Result”.

If the fax failed, check the phone number for accuracy. If the phone number was entered correctly, the problem could be with the receiving fax.

For help with faxing, ask any staff.