Make Way for Summer

Spring is the perfect time to sprout some new ideas for kid's crafts, snacks and activities.

Try some marshmallow peeps for a foolproof treat, and to create some fun at the table. Take a “peep” into these ideas for springtime crafting and explore some more peep fun with these tasty snacks.

Put a little spring into your step by going outside and playing hopscotch, helping your grown-up wash the car, trying out some rollerblades or going to the park. You can make gorgeous spring trees with tissue paper, cotton, paint, and even popcorn. Or, ask your grown-up about putting together an outdoor sensory bin. Prepare for bright summer colors by planting some flowers or seeds.

Remember that summer is just around the corner, so it's time to think about some things you want to do. Talk with your parents about ideas and activities that you can prepare for and have them look at local events that are coming up. Spring is the perfect time to pave the way and get those ideas flowing for a fantastic summer.