Improve Your Tech Skills with CPL

At the library, there are tons of resources to help you improve your tech skills. Good, right? Yes, but sometimes it can be daunting figuring out where to start, who to talk to, or where to even go. Use the following tips to improve your tech skills utilizing the library.

Ask a Librarian

Librarians are multi-dimensional and can help with almost anything you may need. When wanting to improve your tech skills, approaching one of our librarians with a clear goal you wish to achieve will do wonders for the interaction. It’ll give us a clearer course of action than if you were to ask for help to “get better with computers”, for example. What specifically do you want to improve? Web page browsing? General internet searching? There are several routes that would instantly branch from a broad question. Try to narrow down the immediate skills you would like to learn. 

Take a Gale Course

If you’re the type of person who enjoys learning in a more structured environment, consider taking a Gale Course. Here you will find interactive, instructor-led courses covering a variety of topics, ranging from beginner level classes to courses for advanced learners. Some courses you may be interested in include introduction classes to Microsoft Office products, Computer Skills for the Workplace, and more advanced topics such as Creating Web Pages and Introduction to JavaScript. Have your Canton Public Library card on hand as it will be required to access these resources.

Visit GetSetUp

For senior learners, GetSetUp is a great resource for a structured environment that is learner friendly. In this database, you will find a wide variety of topics, some of which are iPad basics, Gmail creation, YouTube tutorials and more. You will need to sign up for this platform with an email, so be sure to ask a librarian for assistance if you need help getting started.

Of course, CPL has many books and additional resources that can be of assistance to your tech learning endeavors. Find out more here.