Hello From Thorndyke

Hey Kids,

After a long hibernation, a move to a new website, and many other changes, I’m back! You didn’t think I’d be gone for long, did you? After all, I’ve been with the library for decades, through construction projects and big moves, a lot of staff hellos and goodbyes, and now a pandemic and lengthy closures.

You can expect more of my usual thoughtful but light content. In the past, I’ve written about everything from empathy during difficult times to ridiculous animal matchups. I am very excited to continue sharing my curiosity and discoveries with you, along with book recommendations and library trivia.

Be sure to follow me for all library wildlife updates, and don’t forget to say hello when you come to the library. I always like to see a friendly face and hear about what you’re reading. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with some of my favorite kinds of books– Cozy Reads, Books about Love, and New Books about Bears.

Bear Hugs,