Dinovember is Wild

Hey Kids,

Early in November, in the wee hours of the morning when all is normally quiet, I noticed something strange in the distance and asked my friend, Little Bear, to take a picture (he is an avid nature photographer). Do you see anything suspicious here?

No? Maybe we need to zoom in.

It quickly became clear that the dinosaurs from our supply closet had been transformed by the magic of Dinovember. I wondered if they were friendly, and if they were here to stay. Kids, I felt compelled to investigate. I love dinosaurs, I love the library, and I love a good mystery. So Little Bear and I decided we would try to make friends and document their time here at CPL.

We discovered the dinosaurs only come out after the library is closed. During the day they hide in different places around the library. The first few nights they explored the Children’s Library. They searched for items and read some books in different places. Little Bear and I introduced ourselves and connected over our shared love of all things both prehistoric and fun. We gave them some information on how things work in our library, like how to check out items and properly return them. They even got their own library card.

Once the dinos got comfortable, they tried out every cool thing here in the library. They played with the Everbrite, made friends with the fish, tried out the drinking fountain and had a great time. To be honest, so did I. The dinosaurs turned out to be very unique nighttime companions. I love seeing all of your friendly faces during the day, but it can get lonely at night.

Our dinosaurs enjoyed the library so much, they wanted to do something for you. So Little Bear helped them make their own booklist on our website. Then, they wanted to try out the copy machine to create a special scavenger hunt for our favorite patrons. For the rest of Dinovember, you can search the Children’s Library for pictures of our dinosaurs. See how many you can find before the dinosaur magic ends on November 30, 2022.

I am having a great time with our dinosaurs. Don’t forget to check out the dino books recommended by real dinosaurs and find all the dinosaur pictures in the Children’s Library.

Have a dino-mite Dinovember!

Bear Hugs,