Best of 2023: Media Staff Picks

We asked our staff to name their favorite media they watched, played or listened to in 2023, and the results are in. 

TV & Film

Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret

"One of the best book-to-movie adaptations, this retains a lot of the original book's content. All the charm and awkwardness of adolescence is tucked in here. The book by Judy Blume is worth reading, and the movie is definitely worth a watch." – Erin S., Experiences Librarian

The Automat

"Anyone who is nostalgic at heart would love this documentary. It showcases a beloved era gone by, of quick, delicious and affordable eating. It made you long to try and find one that is still in operation. " – Dolores G., Circulation Assistant


"I loved this movie. I couldn't help but cry at a few parts in between all the laughing during the funny bits." – Michelle NG., Experiences Librarian


"Truly the funniest show I've seen in years. After a broke young woman unexpectedly inherits a historic estate, she has a near-death 'accident' that leaves her with the ability to see the ghosts of the hilariously needy late residents. " – Sean B., Human Resources Specialist

Criminal Minds

"This rebooted season of Criminal Minds is some of the best of the whole show, spreading out a disturbing but engrossing central mystery over the course of the season. Most of the main cast is still there too, so the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI) is still working together." – Sarah V., Information Librarian

Heaven Sent

"Loved this movie, sweet and romantic. My husband loves the Hallmark movies (believe it or not!) and he thoroughly enjoyed this one. A great date movie!" – Dolores G., Circulation Assistant

Jasper Mall

"Very interesting documentary about the life of a small-town mall. It's somewhat sad but was quite engaging. Worth the watch!" – Dolores G., Circulation Assistant

The White Lotus Season 2

"Season 2 is just as entertaining and juicy as Season 1! Basically, everyone in the cast has been nominated for or won Emmys for good reason." – Sarah V., Information Librarian

Witness for the Prosecution

"If you are a classic movie enthusiast, you will love this movie. The ending is one of the best I have ever seen and had me in awe! Incredible!" – Dolores G., Circulation Assistant


Complete Road Trips

"Fifty-one hours of live Grateful Dead—there's a good chance if you hear music coming from the Building Monitors' office when I'm working, this is it." – Kristian L., Building Monitor 

For That Beautiful Feeling

"'The Darkness That You Fear' has been my mental health anthem this fall." – Kristian L., Building Monitor 

Video Games

Everybody 1-2 Switch!

"1-2 Switch meets Jackbox! Groups of 2-8 using Joy-cons or 2-100 using cell phones can team up and compete. Work as a team to pump up a balloon as big as possible without popping it in Balloons. Test your wits (and reaction time) and answer quickly in Quiz Show where the winner can be decided by mere milliseconds. Many games have several variations that change up the rules or add an extra challenge!" – Stacey S., Information Librarian

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