Behind the Scenes

In mid-January 2024, visitors will enter the library through the Teen Space while we replace our security gates and repair the surrounding flooring.

The new gates will have two panels, instead of three, making it easier to come in and out of the building. We will also update the gate software to reduce the number of false beeps, so that you can get out the door faster when your items have been checked out successfully.

After the new gates are installed and the front entrance is re-opened, we will also replace our sorting machine. The new sorter will be faster and more efficient, and can accept up to 10 returns at a time. You will no longer have to wait for the green light when returning items through the outdoor slot.

It will take three to five days to install and test the new sorter. During this time, the library’s page staff will be sorting returns by hand, which may temporarily result in slower check-in times for your items. Once the new machine is installed, it will be faster than ever.