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Summer Flare: Local Fireworks to See in June and July

Small towns, large cities, lakeshores, hometown festivals—all provide warm evening opportunities to watch pyrotechnics in the night sky.

Get Ready for Summer Movie Blockbusters

Kick off the 2024 summer movie season by catching up on the books or previous films in these franchises.

Summer Eats and Treats

Check out some of these summery cookbooks to up your culinary skills when the weather is warm.

True Pride: LGBTQ+ Nonfiction for Teens

Celebrate Pride Month with these true stories of LGBTQ+ identity and experience, from history to how-tos.

Recommended Reading Lists for Summer

The world is your oyster when it comes to summer reading, but with so many options to pick from, where do you start?

Historical Fiction Manga

If you like historical fiction, try a manga that breathes new life into old settings or introduces enchanting stories you've never heard.
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