The library will be closed on Sunday, April 21 for Easter. We will reopen on Monday, April 22 at 9:00 AM. 

April 20, 2019 at CPL

Asphalt pavement roller

We will be repaving our parking lot over the next few weeks. During this time, areas of the lot will be closed to traffic, and parking will be limited. Additional parking is available across the street at the Canton Township Administration Building. For a  few days, the front doors of the library will be inaccessible and entrance to the building will be through the Children’s Library. Please observe all posted signage and use extra care for the safety of our patrons and construction workers. Thank you for your patience as we work to maintain our property.

SCHEDULE FOR REPAVEMENT (weather dependent)
Stage 1: East side front lot nearest Canton Center Road

Stage 2: West side front lot, nearest Heritage Park

Stage 3: Circle Drive/East side front lot,
library front entrance closed

Stage 4: West side front lot

On Tuesday, April 9, Canton Public Library's volunteers were honored for their dedication to the library. During the luncheon, President's Volunteer Service Awards were presented. Thank you, volunteers!


Bronze awards require 50 hours of service for volunteers aged 14-15 years and 100 hours of service for volunteers who are over 16 years old.

Nancy Austin, Chi Hoang, Patty Jenkins, Lisa Kluka, Loretta Olson, Nancy Smith, Carol Symanns, Rosemary Tanasoff, Russ Verage


Silver awards require 75 hours of service for volunteers aged 14-15, 175 hours of service for volunteers aged 16-25 and 250 hours for volunteers who are 26 and over.

Linda Garrett, Roxanne Gill, Deb Luczkowski, Julie Poskie, Judy Richardson, Larry Richardson, Linda Wisniewski


Gold awards require 100 hours of service for volunteers aged 14-15, 250 hours of service for volunteers aged 16-25 and 500 hours for volunteers who are 26 and over.

Kathy Young

Lifetime Achievement

The Lifetime Achievement award is given to volunteers who complete 4,000 hours of service.

Larry Hoelscher, Shirley Reynolds

On April 10 the Canton Public Library honored this year's Canton Book Project Book Givers. Each participant was selected by the library’s staff to receive five copies of a personally selected book and distribute it throughout the community to people who, for whatever reason, don’t own books or read for pleasure.

The full list of books to be shared through the Canton Book Project this year are as follows:

  • One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, chosen by Cecelia Escobar
  • Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah, chosen by Kristin Felsburg
  • Rosie Revere and the Raucous Riveters by Andrea Beaty, chosen by Janice Ford
  • Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls, chosen by Kari King
  • Bugged: The Insects Who Rule the World and the People Obsessed with Them by David Macneal, chosen by Hannah MacAfee
  • Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis, chosen by Kelley Moote
  • Bees: An Identification and Native Plant Forage Guide by Heather N. Holm, chosen by Charisse Nilles
  • Mornings on Horseback: The Story of an Extraordinary Family, a Vanished Way of Life and the Unique Child Who Became Theodore Roosevelt by David McCullough, chosen by Mike Simowski
  • For Everyone by Jason Reynolds, chosen by Jessika Whiteside

In Storytime we always get to discover many new things. This time we learned about the beautiful state we live in--Michigan.  Be sure to enjoy the titles we read plus add some on your own.

Stories and Songs from Storytime

The challenge for this month was to build a robot to help a farmer. We had several engineers work on the challenge and several created their own unique designs. 

  • Untitled 1 by Miles, is a robot cuts down crops.
  • Mr. Farmer created by Eddie. This robot fertilizes and harvests the crops while scaring away bugs.
  • Untitled 2 by Mahi, is a robot that cuts wheat.
  • Water Spray created by Ved. This robot sprays the plants with water or other liquid if you change out the tanks. 
  • Untitled 3 by Mugdha, helps farmers water the plants by using controls and levers. 
  • Robot Farmer Factory created by Sophia. This factory creates many different types of robots to help farmers. There are bins with parts to make robots, the curtain area holds the fresh robots, and a shield that moves up and down while building robots. There is also a tool area to store all the tools used to build robots and several workers working on different robots. 
  • Farmers and Villains Battle Royale created by Kavin. This is a Battle Royale of farmers vs. the villains! On the villain side there is a large battle tower, guards, and a man hanging from a whip to attack the farmers. On the farmer's side there is a trained horse as a guard and a guy in charge of the farm tower. The farm tower scans the surface for enemies when the wheel is turned and is an escape route. 
  • Secret Hideout created by Ryusui. This hideout is equipped with weapons and has a state of the art defense system.
  • Untitled 4 by Zaid, is a robot that runs over stuff on the farm. 
  • The Weirdest Car created by Kaya.
  • Untitled 5 created by Meral and Serenn. They built both a car and a house. The car has a fancy propellor to move and the house has stairs. 
  • Untitled 6 created by Madi. This is a pirate ship with a plank and a propeller in the back. 
  • Untitled 7 by Brady is a ship that goes into the air. It steers and moves by the motor on a string. 
  • Robo Killer by Faris, shoots enemies. 

April is Autism Awareness Month. To celebrate, we have gathered some great titles in Nonfiction, Adult, Youth, and Teen for you to explore.