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Game On

Went Bowling and scored a 128!

Watched Olympics

Practice hitting golf balls at the Range

I'm playing golf on Saturday so I'd better practice before hand


I played DEER DRIVE on Wii. I'm a good hunter.

Ride my bike

My favorit thing to do when I am bord is to ride my bike around a bike path in my neighorhood.


play gougou on 3DS. That's my sweet pet.

I play softball

Softball is awesome!

Played freefall on computer

Went to the Tigers game on July 4

There was a long rain delay, but it was worth the wait. It was a great game - the Tigers won! Plus I got to see the post-game fireworks. It was the perfect 4th of July.

Watching many Wimbledon matches

practiced my swimming

Vacation Uno champion

Vacation Uno champion

Went to the 4th of July Tigers Game

Enjoyed the 4th of July Tigers game and fireworks, once the two hour rain delay ended. It was so stormy there was hail!

I played on the xbox!!!

I don't go on the xbox often because I prefer the computer and because my family doesn't have any good xbox games (any games that I really enjoy). My brothers are the ones who wanted to get Black Ops but sometimes I just play it when I feel like it, you know? :)

I played on the computer...again!!!

There are a few websites that I regularly go on. I don't play on the computer all day though...which is a good thing. I don't know what to do sometimes during the summer so it's kinda relaxing to just go on the computer... :)

Made my own Zoo World on Zoo Tycoon Two on the Computer

I get to make my own zoo, choose the animals and layout, then take care of them by feeding them and cleaning up after them.

I went swimming at my uncles