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Game On

Wore Detroit Tigers shirt for jersey day

Practiced football

I went on a really long bike ride! I also read Froggy rides a bike.

Went to GS Camp and played games

i wore my tigers shirt to the CPL.

play madgascar 3 on wii

tiger game

Wore My Team T-Shirt

Wore my Tigers t-shirt to the library today, and got my picture taken with Thorndyke, who also cheers for the Tigers!

I wore a t-shirt with my favorite team on it

Here I am with Miss Erin sporting (ha! what a great play on words!) shirts to support our favorite team!

Wore my Tigers jersey

Wore my jersey at the library today. Go American League!

Wendt to a tigers game

Wore my favorite jersey on wear your favorite jersey day!

Go Red Wings!

Wore my Team T-shirt to the library for Wear Your Favorite Jersey Day

bowled a great game

Went to a Tiger's Game and read a book about sports.

Watched the Tigers game

Wear Your Favorite Jersey Day

Celebrate the mid-season classic, the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, by wearing your favorite jersey or team shirt to the library on July 10. You can claim your Game On badge, plus enter your name for a prize drawing. Look for the entry box at the Reception Desk.

The 83rd All Star game and surrounding festivities will be held at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. Representing the Detroit Tigers will be the American League starting pitcher Justin Verlander, Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera. For more information on the All-Star Game, check out this book:

The midsummer classic: the complete history of baseball's All-Star Game by David Vincent, Lyle Spatz, and David W. Smith

I went to the beach.

I read Coach Hyatt is a riot