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play game

I with my family played battle ship game. We had fun.

I read a biography of Michael Phellps.

I read about the history of the Detroit Lions.

I read World's Greatest Olympians.

read cross game

when will the library get the eighth

play on 3DS

I played STEEL DIVER on 3DS. I'm the top one.

play game

I played the battle ship with my brother and I won.

Went to my nephew's T-ball game

Olympic Fiction for Kids

Artemis the loyal by Joan Holub & Suzanne Williams

The first Olympic games: a gruesome Greek myth with a happy ending by retold by Jean Richards ; illustrated by Kat Thacker

Geronimo and the gold medal mystery by Geronimo Stilton

Gold medal murder by Carolyn Keene, Franklin W. Dixon

Olympic Reads for Kids

Great moments in the summer Olympics by Matt Christopher

G is for gold medal: an Olympics alphabet by written by Brad Herzog and illustrated by Doug Bowles

Great Olympic moments by Michael Hurley

Inside the Olympics by Nick Hunter

New Olympic Reads

i played Brain Quest with my mom

Played Scrabble

Played a heated game of Scrabble with my daughter.  We're both very competitve. She beat me 378 to 354. 

Read "Baseball, Football, Daddy and Me"

franklin's neighborhood

played golf

The first time this year.  It was a gorgeous day and the company was nice.

I played a new card game with my niece called "Garbage".

I played football

I played baseball

Read Mini Racer