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Game On

Played Ga-Ga ball

Played Ga-Ga ball at camp

Played the game "Dragon" at the teen camp

Completed 4 "hard" sudoku puzzles

Played Cribbage with my friend

I haven't played in years so my friend Sharon taught me how to play again. 

I went bowling with my brothers.

I went bowling with my brother and sister.

I went bowling with my brother and sister.

I played a game called avater

reada book.

Read the book " vanishing act"

Me and my brother played chess together. It is challenging!

Tried Go Karts and had a blast!

grew my first nasturtium

I have a few "nasties" growing but this was the first one to bloom.

Wii sports

I played baseball game on Wii. I had a home run.

flat standely

I am dancing at the Canton library with my dance group!

I played chess with my dad and computer, too.

I played soccer in my towns championship game

It was so fun and we won and we all got a trophy

I played table ball. It's fun, but hard for me.

played STEEL DIVER on 3DS