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Game On

Watched the Olympics opening ceremony and swimming

The ceremony started out really well. The grassy landscape was really impressive, and when it turned industrialized, I almost fell out of my chair with excitement. However, it started getting a little too weird after that. I can't imagine any sane person saying, "I know, let's have a crazed long-gray-haired lady bang on some drums (though the fact that she was deaf did not slip by me and was rather impressive) and then make a tree float and then we should get millions of hospital beds with glowing blankets!! Oh and also a giant inflatable Voldemort who deflates in defeat when millions of Mary Poppinses fly in! And then the children start dancing, and then the nurses join them in a really creepy dance!" And then everyone in the board room claps and cheers.

watch olympic game

I am cheering for Allison Schmitt. She just got 2nd place in 400-meter freestyle. She's good.

Watched "Moneyball"

Moneyball [videodisc] by a Sony Pictures Entertainment release of a Columbia Pictures presentation of a Scott Rudin/Michael De Luca/Rachael Horovitz production ; produced by Michael De Luca, Rachael Horovitz, and Brad Pitt ; directed by Bennett Miller ; screenplay by Steven Zaillian and Aaron Sorkin ; story by Stan Chervin —  The true story of Oakland A's manager Billy Beane and his attempt to assemble a winning team through use of computer-generated analysis. An interesting glimpse at some of the behind-the-scenes aspects of major league baseball.

Watched the Olympic openning ceremony

I watched the opening ceremony for the Olympic games.  Since then I have watched mens cycling, womens beach volleyball, and womens 100 meter.

Watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics

Despite the incredibly demeaning pandering commentary from the NBC personalities, I think the ceremonies themselves were for the most part terrific.

Watched the opening Ceremony of the Olympics

Watched the Opening Ceremonies for the London Olympics

my family and I went to a Clevelands game where we were then able to go on the field

I am apart as the Great lakes Scholar program and then what my mom does is that she scheduled to go to one of the games. Where we then went to and walked on the field.

I finished my T-Ball game this summer.

I went to enjoy a baseball game at Lansing and cheered for Lugnut.

i saw tigers mascot

he hugged me and gave me a high five.

Bought tickets to a Tiger game

I cheered my mom up at the cherry pit split game at National Cherry Festival.

I rode bike with my family up north!

It was exciting, and lot of fun!

Rode a bike at sunset

It felt great to be outside and ride 8 miles watching the sun set and the beautiful hues

Played HeadBandz with family!

It is a good game where you have to guess what your picture is?

i went skating with my friends

i skated till i dropped. i also played a game there.i got 5 tootsie rolls.

Pokemon Black and White Tournament

Participated in Pokemon Black and White Tournament

Make firends with neigborhood and play outside the driveway.