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Game On

I read baseball fever and thank you Jackie Robinson

Played Cards

Played Golf with my grandparents and my husband and I won!  :)  This doesn't sound very significant, except that I am no cardplayer and never win...

I did the skating race at Skating Station 2!

I din't win but it was so much fun!!!

Read about M. Phelps

He is not what people think.

i read a book Gold Medal Summer

its really good

read the ARC of Burn for Burn by Siobhan Vivian and Jenny Han

This book was about a trio of high schoolers who come together for a common goal despite coming from separate cliques.

Watched Allison Schmitt Win Gold

Last night I watched Allison Schmitt of Canton, MI win gold for the USA in the 200m Freestyle. 

watch Olympics

I knew it! Schmitt got a gold medal on her 200 meters freestyle. I was so excited and almost fell from the bed.

Watching Olympic Swimming, Gymnastics, & Beach Volleyball

I played Mancala with my dad.

It was my first time yesterday.

I watched some of the Olympics last night!!!

I watched some of the Olympics last night. I enjoyed it and I look forward to watching some more of it later. It's kinda like "America's Got Talent" and I love that show. Everybody in the Olympics did incredible things but I enjoyed the people who did the swimming, gymnastics and volleyball the most. I might want to join a volleyball team or something when i'm older so I like to notice the little tricks they use and how they hit the ball. Have you realized how high they hit the ball?! It's a tough sport! Oh! I was surprised to see Prince William and his brother, Harry there. Get your game on! :)

Watched some of the Olympics

On Saturday I participated in a family golf tournament in Oscoda

With over 50,000 annuals in bloom I also did a lot of stopping to admire the flowers!

Golfed 18 holes on the Serradella course at Lakewood Shores Golf Course

One of my favorite places to play golf!

I played basketball

I played Tennis

Watched Olympic swimming

Watched the women's 200m freestyle heats.

Watched the Olympics Opening Ceremony

I do not think any country can beat the amazing precision and gripping imagery of China's Opening Ceremony!

Went to basketball camp

I went to girls basketball camp at Garden City High School and learned many new skills with the Girls Varsity Basketball team.

Watched water polo on the Olympics