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Game On

Watched the Olympics

Watched Boys Track and Field saw the big incident with the China Guy. Ouch.

Watched the Olympics

Watched Girls Diving, but it wasn't too exciting, in my opinion I would have rather watched volleyball or basketball.

watching the detroit lions pre season game!

Watching the games of the 30th Olympiad

What ever will I do next week?

hide and seek in the dark in the backyard is so much fun

played cards

Watching pre-season football with hubby

 Must be because todays weather put me in a fall mood.

I played Jenga game with my mom, and I was the winner.

I played boomerang wiht my brother and mom.

play 3DS and training my doggy.

watched women's volley ball

Watched more of the Olympics

Every athlete has a story, I love learning more about them as people as well as athletes.

Just watched the Tigers defeat New York!

play volleyball

I played volleyball with my mom in my backyard.

watch the beach volleyball

Played 18 holes of golf

What a perfect night for it!

watched some of the women's olympic soccer

what a great celebratory moment when the US team beat Canada!

I learned about Gymnastics

I watched the Olympics gymnastics and the American Girl movie, McKenna Shoots for the Stars, about a girl who competes in gymnastics.

For the first time ever playing Words With Friends

Actually playing 2 games, one with my nephew and one with my gf Sharon.  Winning one and losing one.