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Badges from 2012

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play volleyball

I played volleyball with my mom in my backyard.


watch the beach volleyball

Worked my abs!

Today for a change of pace I did two 10 minute ab workouts.  Workout 1 was Pilate's mat abs and workout 2 was stability ball abs. I gave both ab workouts my best but they were tough!

Worked with hubby on an outdoor yard clean-up project

Played 18 holes of golf

What a perfect night for it!

I tried the new Cantina Bowl at Taco Bell on sunday with my mom!!!

The Cantina Bowl is very delicious and pretty healthy actually and it's something I would totally want to eat again. It's a salad with beans, rice, corn, pepper salsa (I don't know what that is), cilantro dressing and guacamole made from real avocados (don't worry, there wasn't a lot of it and I couldn't really taste it because I mixed it with the salad). I had the choice of getting it with chicken, steak or vegetables but I chose the chicken. Lorena Garcia is the chef who invented this wonderful meal and it only came out about a month ago. The salad only comes in one size (which didn't fill me up...i'm a hungry girl!) and is about five dollars. So go out and try the Cantina Bowl! I enjoy trying new things so i'm sure you will love it too... :)

Watched Doctor Who

Watching the Doctor travel through time with his companions... Especially Rory<3

I'm now riding a two wheel bike, yahoo!

We went on a hike and roasted marshmallows.

We Kayaked down the AuSauble River in Roscommon, MI.

Tried to Listen to the Longest Book in the World

The angel's game [sound recording]: a novel by Carlos Ruiz Zafón ; [English translation by Lucia Graves]

Read a book about Superheroes

After the Golden Age by Carrie Vaughn — Celia West is the daughter of Commerce City's two most well-known superheroes. Unfortunately, she has no superpowers. Living in the shadow of her parents, Celia has to discover her own talents. There was something a little strange about reading this story in traditional format instead of watching it as an action movie or reading it as a graphic novel. I had a great time trying to pinpoint the villian, who was someone relatively obvious, but who then encouraged second-guessing as well. A fun read

Read a Spanish vocab picture book

El gran libro de mi mundo by con ilustraciones de Kali Stileman ; [traducción, Equipo Ediciones B] — This book is so cute. The illustrations are bright and cheerful. It's a great book for young kids who want to learn new Spanish words.

I voted.


The story of Ruth and Naomi by Alice Joyce Davidson.

non fiction book

Let's work it out-- How to deal with HURT FEELINGS. My brother and I sometimes fight and hurt my feelings. But after a little while, we are okay and play again.

Read Book - Biscuit gose to school

Biscucit like to go to school. He dose what the techer tell,s. Evrebody like,s Biscuit.

non fiction book

Is It Right to Fight? Sometimes it is fun to have play fight with my brother. And sometimes we have real fighting is not that much fun.