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Badges from 2012

The following experiences were added by patrons like you as they participate in Connect Your Summer. You can also see experience photos in a gallery.

Packed a Suitcase

I'm going to Seattle at the end of the month for a week. We're going to a wedding and spending sometime hiking and boating and sight seeing.  And we're taking carry on luggage. After researching packing tips, much brainstorming and pre-planning I did a did a test run yesterday.  And Everything fits!

Checked out and watched Lost in Translation

Read latest book from one of my favorite authors


The Penguin Problem by Abby Klein

read " The Perfect Dress" from the Disney Princess

read " Lego City--Catch that Crook!"

read "Barbie--A Fairy Tail Adventure"

a book about shapes


Read some Avengers Graphic Novels

The Ultimates, The Ultimates 2, and Avengers Disassembled.

Read some Batman Graphic Novels

Batman: Year One and Batman: The Killing Joke.

Watched "The Forger"

watch " Wild Kratts"

read about AUSTRALIA and the outback

Watched the movie "Forrest Gump"

This movie always makes my husband cry at the end.

Read "How the States Got Their Shapes"

Read "The Girl Who Would Speak for the Dead"

I enjoyed reading about the 1920s

Read "Sprinkled With Murder"

I like this series and want to try some of the cupcake recipes.

Read "Fifty Places to Sail Before You Die."

Great read even if you are not a sailor. Book could have used maps.

started re-watching Doctor Who

Starting with Nine.

Dream Big-- Read

I won the opportunity to dream about being a police officer by having lunch with the Chief. And also get a tour of the police station. It's so cool!