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Badges from 2012

The following experiences were added by patrons like you as they participate in Connect Your Summer. You can also see experience photos in a gallery.

Found the T.V Remote

I wanted to watch the Tv so I went to get the remote from its "usual spot."But it wasn't there so I went looking for it and finally found it behind the coach!

Found my brother's lost D.S Pen

My brother's pen was lost and i was the detective, and I found it in the end.

Attended a Bridal Shower for a Friends Daughter

Listened to the Soundtrack from Les Misersbles

Read "Devil in the White City" by Erik Larson

A non-fiction book about the World's Fair in Chicago during the 1890's and the serial killer that used that occasion to find his victims. Anytime that I can find a non-fiction book about a serial killer, I will jump on it. The psychology behind psychopaths is very interesting.

find out where the bees

Wow, there is a big hive hung in bushes over my neighbor's. I am the detective.



having dinner at Antonio's

My family went to Antonio's again. I love the free bread. And the chick soup is my favor too. Today I had macaroni and cheese. It's delicious!

Geeking out on Wardrobe books

We've been going through a massive reorganization of our house this summer and it's caused me to rethink my wardrobe.  I would love for it to be more versatile.  So far I've read...

Shop your closet: the ultimate guide to organizing your closet with style by Melanie Charlton Fascitelli with Kevin Clark — The book that started the geek out.  I was looking for books on organizing closet space and ended up with this one that also devotes chapters to cleaning out your closet, packing a suitcase and shopping

Rode the exercise bike for about 30 minutes

I was riding a gold's gym power spin bike and I did it with no batteries... It got tiring when I went really fast but I got to watch tv while in the process!

Played a game of soccor

The game was 4 against 4 and sadly the score did not turn out well, my team lost! But it's ok and plus, during the game, I made an awesome goal for my team! I had a really fun time playing!

Watched a video about Golden Retrievers

I knew that in less than 2 years, I was getting a dog, (Parents Promise) So I went and watched a Dogs 101 video about Golden Retrievers because they are one of my favorite type of dog breeds so that I am prepared to have one if I do. I enjoyed the video alot, they gave pretty much the basics to them in training,house requirments,grooming,health, and if they make a great or bad family pet. They have a whole list of differnt dog videos and if your interested in a certain breed of dog and need to learn about them, feel free to watch some of their videos.

Helped my Big Sister set up a tent

Me and mom helped my big sister set up her tent for when we all were going to camp outside the house for the night, it was fun, and the tent was pretty big with 3 small seperated rooms. It was a fun tme together with just the 3 of us.

Made a nice flower card for my mom on her birthday.

I made a nice blue flower birthday card for my mom on her birthday and she loved it!

We played the volleyball in the backyard.

Walked 2 miles.

I played Jenga game with my mom, and I was the winner.

I played boomerang wiht my brother and mom.

Read Wonderstruck

Wonderstuck was a fast-read book considering it's size! But that's only because half of the book is a 2-page picture.I still loved this book though. This is a book about a Deaf on one ear boy who lives with his aunt ever since his mom died. But when he visits the house where he used to live on one stormy night, he finds his dad's address, but then a lightning bolt flashes and shocks the boy on his only good ear when he tries to call his Dad's contact info. Now completly deaf and in the hospital. He runs away and goes to find his Dad. The other story is about a girl, who lives before the boy, who always liked the city and wants to visit her mom, who's a star. But this is also deaf, and this is also about HER journey to the city, only to not be wanted by her mom.Now somehow these stories will collide into one and to find out.... I recommend you read the book!