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Badges from 2012

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hide and seek in the dark in the backyard is so much fun

tried somthing new today for dinner "indian butter chicken" soooo yummy

made some cinnamon rolls today. Cinnabon u better watch out her i come

i finally got to watch my show "NOVA" great show must watch

did some yoga and i looooove the feeling :)

went to traverse city!

Read Sleepover Sleuths

I wanted to read a small mystery book so I decided to read some of the Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew Series. The 1st book, called "Sleepover Sleuths" was actually a pretty good mystery book in my opinion. The Clue Crew is basicully Nancy Drew and her two best friends George and Bess.When these girls get invited to Deirdre's sleepover party, they are so excited! There will be pizza, cake, and even a pajama fashion show. But the most exciting thing is that the party has a doll theme. Everyone is going to bring their own City Girl Doll with them to the party! But when Deirdre's City Girls doll named Hollywood Heather suddenly goes missing and now she starts to think, is her sleepover ruined? But the Clue Crew won't let that happen! Read the book to find out what happens with the Clue Crew in their search for Hollywood Heather! I would recommend this book to beggining chapter book readers who love the taste of a mystery.

Read "Magic Tree House #1: Dinosaurs Before Dark" to my little brother

My brother wanted me to read him a story so I decided to read him the first book to the Magic Tree House Series. The 1st book is about 2 kids named Jack and his younger sister Annie. One day they discover a treehouse full of books. But when Jack picks up a dinosaur book and then wishes that he could really see the Pteranodon pictured in one of them, it appears at the window and they find themselves in a dinosaur land. They decide to explore the land and soon are threatened by a Tyrannosaurus.Good thing the Pteranodon comes to their rescue. Soon after the rescue, they had figured out enough about the magic that carried them back in time to be able to use it to return home. If you want to find out what was the magic that carried them to this land, I recommend that you read the book to find out. This is also a great book for beggining chapter book reader.

Tried Alot of New Asian Food At A Buffet

I went to Hibachi Grill And tried all kinds of new asian food such as, Clam meat, New types of Sushi, etc. I had a great time, except that i was SUPER full after stuffing myself so much!

Did a little project about the Alamo Museum

I did a little project about the alamo museum and learned about the battle between Texas and Mexico

I plan on jogging around my neighborhood!!!

I can't go to the Fitness Center at the Summit all the time so I have decided to wake up early (this won't be that easy because I always sleep in) to jog around my neighborhood. Not the whole neighborhood of course, that would be too dangerous to do alone. It would be so refreshing to get lots of fresh air, especially in this cool weather. I kinda got sick of the blazing heat so this is a nice change (fall is my second favorite season). I plan on getting a pretty good workout (sweating a bit). As I jog, I will make tracks behind me... :)

Ultimate contraptions

I went over to my friends house yesterday!!!

I have been over to a couple of my friends's houses more than once this summer. It's fun to just run away from home and hang out for a while. Yesterday, I did many things: cooking, beading, playing on the Wii and many other things! :)

Eating dinner with co-workers

Went out to dinner this evening with my co-workers to the Rusty Nail.

Saw Jim Gill

Had a great time at the Jim Gill show. Love seeing him and his music is just so much fun!

Vacation Bible School

I got to shake Jim Gill's hand! :)

Exercised with my dad

Read a tumblebook

Read a tumblebook