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Badges from 2011

The following experiences were added by patrons like you as they participate in Connect Your Summer. You can also see experience photos in a gallery and check out what people are reading to earn their badges.

I learned five words in Spanish

el libro means "book"
la camisa means "shirt"
la toalla means "towel"
la computadora means "computer"
la cama means "bed"


read a book about fish

fish have scales swim very fast some slow some people eat fish and catch fish sometimes just catch it then let it go you can do many things with fish in the U.S.A


I Read a sports Book About tennis

I fixed my Backhand a little!!!


read a play and did it

well i did a play called les lion and moe mouse its very funny moe mouse thinks les lions nose is a bump which is very funnt then les lion says ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! HA HA


I read about the 7 wonder's of the World

It was so intresting!! The Taj Mahal is HUGE!!


I read a book about Sea creature's

This Was Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!


Have been planning a Disney Cruise!

I have been pouring over websites that can give me the best information on our November Disney Cruise.


I visted one of the parks!


obstacle course and read "Pokemon Saved the Shieldon"

my adventure book was very entertaining.


Reading the entire Harry Potter Series for the first time

I'm on number 5. Enjoying them so far!


Re-read the Entire Harry Potter Series

I decided to reread the entire Harry Potter series in honor of the final film coming out July 15th.


read full court dreams

It is about a girl named Annie and her friends that love basketball. They try out for the middle school basketball team. They all were very nevous. But they somehow do it.


Read Man with the Golden Torc, by Simon R. Green


The book I read was " The goldfish yawned "

All things must take a rest to get ready for the next day.


I read Tennis Anyone

I learned that you get better the more you practice. Dad asked " who plays tennis ?" Tom said, "Tom Foley plays tennis!"


read top ten small mammals for kis

It talked about good small mammals for kids and how to care for them. Plus if you didn't know what it's stuff it needed it told you.


i know 5 words in tunisian

aslayma (hello), bislayma (goodbye), yizzi (enough, stop), eja (come here), labess (how are you)


i read a book about beavers

beavers have fur on there tail. and they live in the forest. Their back feet look like flippers


Went to Heritage Park

Played on the playground


I saw the DVD "Date Night"

It was pretty funny, had some of my favorite actresses, such as Tina Fey and Myla Kunis.