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Badges from 2011

The following experiences were added by patrons like you as they participate in Connect Your Summer. You can also see experience photos in a gallery and check out what people are reading to earn their badges.

read Gabby and Gator, a graphic novel.



it was the kens b-dAY and his dog made a big suprize


Read some books and Toured the Canton Historical Society

Hey Kids!  LB and I just finished our first badge!  I read a book about all different animal cultures. Maybe you've seen it. It's called Zoo-Ology by Joelle Jolivet.  It's a cool book.  And LB studied people culture by touring the Canton Historical Society.  Can't wait to see how you're earning your badges!

Bear Hugs!


i did a power point on my dream vacation


Attended a book club discussion at Vintner's


I watched a TV Show

Ghost Hunter's WOW


I Browsed a Food Website

I found 6 Places with good food in Canton!


I watched a movie.

I made some snacks and watched the movie, "Rubber," with my family.


I took my dog visiting.

I took my dog, Jelly, to visit her "grandparents."


I made a dream catcher.

The dream catcher looks kind of weird.


I made a dream catcher.

The dream catcher looks kind of weird.


I made a dream catcher.

The dream catcher looks kind of weird.


I made cookies using my new cookbook.

They are chocolate chip cookies, and really good!


i read a zoobook that i haven't read before


when to heritage park to ride my bike

me & my mom go there a lot i ride my bike and she jog's .


visited freedom park


i took my dogs to the dog park with my family to get them exersised


learned 5 words in french

la'mere- mother
la fromage-cheese
de velours-velvet


Went jogging and played tennis

I jogged a mile today, and played tennis for two hours (and won my match!) at Griffin Park. We would've played longer if it didn't start raining. I plan to run 2 miles or run 1 mile and play tennis each day. Stay fit this summer everyone!