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Badges from 2011

The following experiences were added by patrons like you as they participate in Connect Your Summer. You can also see experience photos in a gallery and check out what people are reading to earn their badges.

go to a liabrary program and did art

we made a mask using straws,feathers and more

lost hero

Piper, Leo, and Jason go on a quest to rescue Hera, the queen of the gods in greek mythology. Soon along their quest they meet horrible monsters that want to rise their ruler Gaea (mother earth) who is suprisingly a bad villan.

Researched our August trips

Read books about Minnesota and North Dakota for our visit to family and read online about the campground where we're going camping this weekend.

Went to see Winnie the Pooh and Cars 2 at the movie theater


Read Janet Evanovich's new book, Smokin' Seventeen, from the CPL Lucky Day shelf


Played soccer and baseball


Went on an adventure with my Dad and read adventure books


Went to the pet program at the library


Read a sports themed book about soccer and Played soccer this summer.

I played soccer with friends and a group of kids this summer.

Went to borders

Went to borders and purchased several books. Im sad they are leaving us.

Attended a concert of music from different countries.

Went to the park and listened with my family to music from different countries and different styles.

Got a kids cookbook and made cookies

I made cookies from a book using egg whites sugar and flavoring they turned out great.

I helped my mom

I helped my mom make dinner.

read and compared lots of kinds of books and learned how to look up books we want to read on the computer.

First Nana showed us how to find different kinds of books on the computer and then on the shelf. Then we read 2 kinds of poetry books and compared them: Jack Prelutsky's "Be glad your nose is on your face" and Shel Silverstein's "A light in the attic". Then we read a "song" book by John Denver: "Take me home country road". Then we read "Perfect Square" by Michael Hall and "Fairy Kisses" by Patrick Regan.

read different kinds of art books and traveled Ford Rd to see sculptures.

We read "the Statue of Leberty" by Debra Hess to see how it was built, also "What is an artist?" by Barbara Lehn & "Buildings in disguise" by Joan Marie Arbogast. Then we traveled Ford Rd to see the new DDA sculptures, then we looked around for more kinds of art at the library and found lots! this was more fun than we thought it would be!

read some dog training books and played frisbee with our puppy

I read portions of some dog training books and played frisbee with our puppy, Coraline. She's still working on learning to let go of the frisbee (right now she does laps back and forth without letting it go), but she's getting there.

visited Traverse City, Michigan

We visited Traverse City, Michigan for a two-night getaway. We used Yelp!, Flickr, Google Maps, and a number of other online resources, and browsed several Michigan travel books from CPL's collection to search for things to see and do. It was a fantastic vacation.

visited the Jolly Pumpkin on the Old Mission Peninsula

We enjoyed dinner and local microbrews on the Old Mission Peninsula north of Traverse City. Everything was delicious and refreshing!

I went to Michigan's Adventure


I read a book about day dreaming