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Group discussions Beloved and Waterland

I am so glad the library had taken on the task of a public discussion of these books. I'm quite concerned that material that has been used and accepted in the school community, and is challenging for AP students, should suddenly cause so much dissension. It's my understanding one parent has complained about the use of these books. That hardly seems like a community issue. I'm concerned that the PCCS superintendent took such stringent action because of one complaint. Sorry to go on, obviously I take issue with this situation. When I was in high school, Catcher in the Rye was 'banned'! So we all went out and bought a copy. Holden Caulfield was our hero! Times have changed, but book banning is ridiculous. To suggest that young people today would be shocked or unduly influenced by what they read is ludicrous! They know everything! They are subjected to all of society by the media, social networks and the culture in general. Again, thank you for scheduling these discussions.


The Diwali function at Canton Public Library deserves the highest compliments for the organizers for putting together an outstanding program. We are proud to be residents of Canton, where cultural diversity is appreciated in a manner shown tonight. Thanks.

Diwali celebration

The program was wonderful. Very well organized and great quality performance.

Diwali program

Good job. Please keep Diwali Events continue. See you next year.

e-mail newsletter

Have you all checked out the Plymouth Library's Website? Good example of what a website can be. the newsletter is OK, but not laid out in any kind of inviting way. Again, the Ply Library has an email they call Wowbrary where they showcase the latest acquisitions. It's fun to scroll thru and I'm drawn in every time. I wasn't drawn in to the newsletter from the Canton Library, though I realize you are doing something different. Plymouth is still announcing it's programs in hard copy, but again very invitingly done with a great layout. I'll bet you can do better!

Thank you

I love this library. I come from Alabama 2 months a year. I found the people here are very helpful and very friendly. The collections of books and the departments are great. I love it. Thank you very much.

Saving documents

It needs to be posted by all computers that in order to save you need a jump/thumb drive. I came once with a floppy disk and once with a cdrw disk. Both on SAME DAY! I should have been told that saving can only be done on a jump drive. Then I was told "you can buy a drive for $20." Thanks but no thanks! I'll use that to buy gas that I WASTED coming back!

Does the east/west entry drive need a speed limit sign?


Does the east/west entry drive (specifically where patrons have access to the north/south crossing to the CPL) need speed bumps or a speed sign?

At just about 3pm today (Tues. 10/25/2011) I observed a library employee speed rather rapidly through this intersection. This seems to be an unsafe practice as it could put patrons in jeopardy (including me!).

Sorry to say, I have seen this sort of thing before. I am sorry to say I don't have a video of it, but will be carrying my video camera when visiting the CPL next time and after that.

Thank You.


Metro Detroit magazine

The October issue of Metro Detroit magazine has a Lover's Lane ad on the back, and is displayed so the images are clearly visible, and are not appropriate for all ages. Please find another way to display.


Please tell me how to sign up to receive my newsletter via email. I can't find that option on the website. Thanks.


I would very much appreciate it, if the budget cuts exclude tissues. It is the flu/cold season, & tissues would be of most usefulness.

Senior Citizens Programs-Events

I have parents in their 80's, and I would like to know if the library has any programs/events for senior citizens. Also, would they be able to attend since they are in the Farmington Library district (Canton library has no stairs and this would allow them ease of use of a library) Thank you for your assistance.


Always pleased with the library. Thrilled to find 95% of what I am looking for. Staff members are very helpful, and I am always impressed when I come in. Please keep up the good work, and I will remain a loyal patron.

self-checkout using driver licence

Provide ability to check out books by using driver licence on self-checkout.

hand dryers

The hand dryer in the women's bathroom is obnoxious sounding & too loud...deafening actually. Please fix, replace, or remove & add paper towels. Thank you!

Hold Didn't Work??

i put a hold on divergent by veronica roth, actually i was the one who suggested the library buy it. we got an email that said it was ready for pickup, so we went to the library but it wasn't there! i just want 2 inform u that now i probably have to wait another 2 months or so 2 get it, and i really wanted it :(. but that really isnt the problem, i just wanted 2 let u know there might b a problem with ur requesting form on the website. thanks for ur time! :)

computer lab

Is there any way to have the keyboards and computer desk areas cleaned weekly or biweekly? I find that the keyboards and surrounding desk top to be filthy in the adult computer lab. I utilize the computer lab daily and am pleased that CPL offers a quiet and restricted area for patrons, however it would be even more appreciated to not find keyboards with hair, food crumbs, torn pieces of paper and eraser shavings all over them. Thank you for your assistance and concern.

Improvement Suggestions

1. Add cushions to the computer chairs. I apply for jobs daily and sit for hours. The wood chairs are very hard and uncomfortable. 2. Add lockers w/combinations, like the fitness area at the Summit. When I am here hours applying for jobs online, I must gather all my belongings and take them to the restroom or outside when answering/making a phone call, as phone call reception is poor to non-existent in the building. 3. Consider adding restrooms inside the main building. Again, when using the computers, it is cumbersome to gather belongings, check out materials and then use the restroom; only to bring all back into the building when done using the restroom.

New hold label stickers

Love the new hold item label stickies! GENIUS!

Destination College Savings

Is the library taking part in the "Destination College Savings"? Please see the link below for information on this along with some of the details below: This program encourages children to read this summer, while also giving parents a chance to win $1,500 toward their child’s future college education and $1,000 for their local library! Enroll your child in the Summer Reading Program at your local library. 1.Ask library staff for information on the Destination College Savings sweepstakes. 2.Fill out the official sweepstakes entry card and return the postage-paid card to your librarian or drop it in the mail. 3.Pick up MESP and MET brochures to learn more about saving for your child’s future college education. Regards, Mike