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Shelving in the Adult Fiction Section

I am a HUGE fan of this library. In fact one of the swaying factors in my decision to move back to canton was because of how amazing I think the library is. That being said, I think that the adult section could maybe use a bit of reorganization. It seems that there are only four real genres that the books are sectioned into: Science Fiction, Mystery, Romance, and General Fiction. What about Fantasy, Steampunk, Chick-Lit, Literary Fiction, -and the ever increasing- Paranormal genres? It might be a little easier to find something that I'm interested in if there was a bit more diversity in the genre labeling. For example, I never know where to look for a book if its a mystery series that has romance in it.

I get really confused sometimes because a lot of series/authors bridge multiple gaps in genres, and one of their series might be in the mystery section and another might be in the science fiction even though they deal with similar subjects.



i love how all the books are organized! they are very neet!


The monthly newsletter

I would like to suggest that the Canton "Connection" have a Printer Friendly tab on the front. That way, we can print out a page or an event should we want to. I personally would like to be able to print the front page. When I tried to do so, only a small portion came out on print. Or am I missing the "printer friend" tab?

library card

Do you charge for library cards for out of town guest, and if so how much. I live in Clinton and our library is very small. My husband works at Willow Run so I thought this would be close to him, and I have a friend that says your library is very nice, with a large selection of books. Thank you so much.


When was the literary founded?



i think that people shouldn't be able to us their last years badges for this year.


Credit Card Use

As much as I appreciate the library, one thing constantly seems to be my undoing. Whenever I need to use the printer/scanner, I need cash to reload my card. I use plastic everywhere, at all times, and while it may be smart to carry around a few singles, I can never manage to do it. Are there any credit card capable machines (either for the printer or the card loading service) on the market? And if so, would the library consider investing in them? Obviously long term thinking here but I would much appreciate you guys considering it. Thanks, Chris


I really love Canton Library, the staff are so welcoming. I feel like I am at home. I would pick this library over any other. My daughter loves the kid's place, too. Thanks again.


Have some books that I no longer want or need. Would the library have any interest in these. Bill


I know there isn't any room available for volunteers at the moment, so should I just wait for an email from the library to know when to start coming to the library to volunteer? I've already turned in my form.

donating books

Hi I have about 3 boxes of books I would like to donate to the library. Do you accept donated books? If so, how do I bring them to you. Andrew Paris

books on CD

How can i find a list of books that you offer on CD?

Uncommon Service

One of the librarians is helping a very senior citizen. She even offered her some water! #UncommonKindness at my library. :) (I don't have the name of the librarian, working the reference desk today, Thursday, 4/5/2012, 1:15pm.)

hold shelf

If you put something on hold, how long can will the library hold the items for you?


is there another dvd disc #3 to Judge John Deed Season 5. IMDB shows there were 6 episodes I've taken disc's 1 &2 out which have the first 4 episodes on them but can't see that there is a disc #3 in the system thanks

Donating books

Do you accept book donations? I have about 15 boxes of good books, almost all non-fiction related to education, politics and social issues largely. Michael


I am the editor of the Canton Woodbridge Estates Condominium Association newsletter and preparing an article to support the Canton library. I would like a copy of your logo to use with the article. Thank you, Ron DePentu

Quiet areas

People frequently are loud in the quiet zone. Maybe the can't see the small signs on the tables. Could there possibly be bigger signs posted? Thanks.

Tutoring help for 3rd grader

Hello, I was told the library has tutoring services, or at least tutors who use the library. Is that correct? If so, who are the tutors and how do I make arrangements to speak with one of them? Thanks, Janet

Stuart Woods, Stone Barrington Novels

Very perverse...often talking about "" women. The main character, Stone Barrington, treats women like objects. The author must have some serious issues to write about random women all the time as if this is normal/healthy male behavior. I will not be reading anymore of the Stone Barrington novels, or Stuart Woods' books for the above reasons. I encourage the Canton Public Library to remove his books from the Library, especially the Lucky Day collection.