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Winter Books

Author Title Location


Rosen, M. Winter Festivals J 394.2 R
Fowler, A. How Do You Know it's Winter? J 508 F
Saunders-Smith, G. Winter J 508.2 S
Schweninger, A. Wintertime J 525.5 S
Branley, F. M. Snow is Falling J 551.5 B
Cosgrove, M. It's Snowing! J 551.57 C
Powell, J. Snow and Us J 551.578 P
Hirschi, R. Winter J 574.543 H
Cosgrove, M. Wintertime for Animals J 591.5 C
Ahlstrom, M. E. The Snow Goose J 598.41 A
Stone, L. M. High in the Wind: The Snow Geese J 598.41 S
Ross, K. Crafts to Make in the Winter J 745.5 R
Chapman, G. Winter J 745.594 C
Markle, S. Exploring Winter J 790.19 M
Levine, C. A. Snow Fun J 796 L


Author Title Location
Christiansen, C. A Snowman on Sycamore Street J Easy Fiction Christiansen
Haywood, C. Betsy's Winterhouse and Snowbound with Betsy J Easy Fiction Haywood
Rylant, C. The Cobble Street Cousins : Special Gifts J Easy Fiction Rylant
Sachs, B. The Trouble with Santa J Easy Fiction Sachs
George, J. C. My Side of the Mountain J Fiction George
Keith, H. The Obstinate Land J Fiction Keith
Matthews, C. While the Bear Sleeps: Winter Tales and Traditions J Fiction Matthews
Paulsen, G. Brian's Winter J Fiction Paulsen
Peck, M. S. The Friendly Snowflake: A Fable of Faith, Love, and Family J Fiction Peck
Steele, W. O. Winter Danger J Fiction Steele
Gelsey, J. Scooby-Doo! and the Snow Monster J Paperback G
Martin, A. M. Snow War J Paperback M
Odom, M. Snowday: a Novelization J Paperback O

Picture Books

Author Title Location
Bridwell, N. Clifford's First Snow Day J Picture Book BRI
Brown, M. W. The Winter Noisy Book J Picture Book BRO
Brutschy, J. Winter Fox J Picture Book BRU
Carr, J. Frozen Noses J Picture Book CAR
Christiana, D. The First Snow J Picture Book CHR
Delton, J. My Mom Hates Me in January J Picture Book DEL
De Regniers, B. S. The Snow Party J Picture Book DER
Disney Pooh Welcomes Winter J Picture Book DIS
Florian, D. A Winter Day J Picture Book FLO
Gammell, S. Is that You, Winter?: A Story J Picture Book GAM
George, J. C. Dear Rebecca, Winter is Here J Picture Book GEO
Hartley, D. Up North in Winter J Picture Book HAR
Kessler, L. P. Old Turtle's Winter Games Picture Book KES
Maass, R. When Winter Comes J Picture Book MAA
Pragoff, F. Winter J Picture Book PRA
Radin, R. Y. A Winter Place J Picture Book RAD
Root, P. Grandmother Winter J Picture Book ROO
Seuling, B. Winter Lullaby J Picture Book SEU
Spetter, Jung-Hee Lily and Trooper's Winter J Picture Book SPE
Stewart, P. A Little Bit of Winter J Picture Book STE
Wallace, I. A Winter's Tale J Picture Book WAL
Wilder, L. I. Winter on the Farm J Picture Book WIL
Winthrop, E. Sledding J Picture Book WIN

Beginning Readers

Author Title Location
Bauer, M. D. Turtle Dreams J Reader B
Benjamin, C. Footprints in the Snow J Reader B
Bliss, C. D. Snow Day J Reader B
Briggs, R. The Snowman J Reader B
Cocca-Leffler, M. Ice-Cold Birthday J Reader C
Delton, J. Brimhall Turns Detective J Reader D
Ehrlich, A. Leo, Zack, and Emmie Together Again J Reader E
Hoban, L. Silly Tilly's Valentine J Reader H
Lawrence, J. D. Binky Brothers and the Fearless Four J Reader L
Marzollo, J. I am Snow J Reader M
McKie, R. Snow J Reader M
Medearis, A. S. Here Comes the Snow J Reader M
Rau, D. M. Bob's Vacation J Reader R
Ruelle, K. G. Snow Valentines J Reader R
Rylant, C. Henry and Mudge in the Sparkle Days J Reader R
Schade, S. Snow Bugs J Reader S
Van Leeuwen, J. Oliver and Amanda and the Big Snow J Reader V
Woodworth, V. Do Donuts Fall in the Winter? J Reader W