TechBoomers: Identify and Avoid Fake News

If you or someone you know is struggling to catch up in the age of smart phones, apps and social media, TechBoomers can help! TechBoomers is designed with Seniors in mind to help Internet Beginners understand popular websites and apps, offering multi-part tutorials that explain things simply and easily.

TechBoomers also offers tutorials on basic Internet Safety and other online topics. Recently, the site put together a Guide to Fake News, to help users understand what they're reading and evaluate the source, preventing the spread of misinformation. 

Comments is not fake. They give links and sources more than almost any so called msm site.
This is a orchestrated smear, funded by Ford Foundation, $oros and others. Shame on CPL.

Thank you for your comment. We have forwarded your concern to TechBoomers. 

Megan Hathaway, CPL Librarian