Take Time Together - Kindness

Kindness Pie Chart filled in with various kind words and deeds


Canton Public Library wants you to Electrify Your Winter and Spark Your Year! We've created a whole packet of "Spark Sheets" to help you set goals and achieve great things. We will be rolling these out over the winter with curated experiences to encourage connectivity and growth for all ages. Our kids and family components are called Take Time Together. We will link to the relevant Spark Sheets as well as suggest activities you can do at home to grow in ways you never thought of. Catered to fit your busy lives, suggestions vary for families who have 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or 2 hours to spend with each other. The choice is yours!


When you make an effort to be kind to others you can really make a difference in their day, or even their life. They might be inspired to pass that kindness on, and you can spark a kindness wave that ripples outward. One of the great things about choosing to be kind is that you can choose a small thing or a big thing, and you can still have an impact.


If You Have 5 Minutes:

Take five minutes to brainstorm ways to be kind.

Talk about an act of kindness you witnessed or experienced today. 

Choose something kind to do tomorrow.

Use the Kindness Spark Sheet (attached below) to jot down or sketch some of the kind things you discussed.

If You Have 10 Minutes:

Write a letter or a card, or draw a picture for someone. Hand deliver it or send it in the mail.

Paint a kindness rock and find a good place to hide it.

Explore the Choose Kind tumblr to spark some kindness inspiration.

Read a picture book about kindness and talk about it with your family or friends.

If You Have 2 Hours:

Find an organization where you can volunteer two hours of your time. We have some suggestions on our website.

Help a friend or neighbor with a difficult chore or task like shoveling snow, yard work, or getting organized.

Watch a movie. Discuss whether you saw kindness in the characters and how it might inspire you to your own acts of kindness.