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Suggested Sports Fiction For Second Graders


Check out these great sports-themed titles. Books are suggested for Second Grade, but remember that each Reader is different, and may find something interesting at another level.

Beastly basketball by Lauren Johnson

Joe joins his school's basketball team, but finds that the players are disorganized and lacking in discipline--so he sets out to use the skills he has learned in kung fu to bring the other players together as a functioning team.

Supersleuth Cam Jansen solves three mysteries during her class's Sports and Good Nutrition Day.

The dog that pitched a no-hitter by 1917-1997 Matt Christopher

When Mike pitches against the heavy-hitting Peach Street Mudders, the butterflies in his stomach feel more like dragons. The other team is good, and Mike starts to lose faith in his ability. Good thing he has a secret weapon in his dong, Harry. Can Harry help Mike pitch a no-hitter?

Fuzzy baseball by John Steven Gurney

When Blossom Honey Possum joins her favorite baseball team, the Fernwood Valley Fuzzies, she watches her teammates lose hope, deciding to use her team spirit to encourage her team as they prepare to play the Rocky Ridge Red Claws.

Game time, Mallory! by 1964- Laurie B. Friedman

Mallory is excited to participate in a new girls' basketball league, although she has never played and her best friends are not interested, but as the worst player on her team, she realizes she has a lot to learn.

Ten-year-old Carmen Skore, a basketball player at Victory School for Super Athletes with super dribbling ability, doubts her ability to be a good soccer player, but learns that practice helps, even without a super skill.

Jump shot by 1969- David Sabino

Provides an introduction to the game of basketball, covering the rules of the game, how the court is laid out, and how the players practice and prepare for games.

The missing baseball by Mike Lupica

Eight-year-old twins Zach and Zoe follow clues to find Zach's missing baseball, signed by his favorite major league player, while competing in Spirit Week events at school.


Josh's friends are looking forward to playing soccer just for fun over spring break, but when Josh discovers he is not a very good soccer player, he wonders how anyone can enjoy the game.