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Suggested Mystery Books for Fourth Grade


Check out these thrilling mysteries, if you dare!  Books are suggested for Fourth Grade, but remember that each reader is different and might find something interesting at another level.

Love, love by 1970- Victoria Chang

Frances Chin, a 10-year old Chinese-American girl, lives in the suburbs of Detroit with her immigrant parents and older sister, Clara. At school Frances copes with bullies and the loneliness that comes with not quite fitting in. At home, she feels a different kind of aloneness. Her parents are preoccupied with work and worry about Clara, whose hair is inexplicably falling out. But, with the help of her friend Annie, Frances is determined to play Nancy Drew and solve the mystery of Clara's condition. She also faces the everyday challenges and unexpected thrills of being a tween, especially when she receives encouragement from a tennis coach. Although she struggles to speak up, Frances's powerful inner voice resonates in gorgeous imagery and evocative free verse.

The nebula secret by Trudi Strain Trueit

Twelve-year-old Cruz Coronado leaves his home in Hawaii to study and travel with other young people invited to attend the elite Explorer Academy in Washington, D.C.

The peacock detectives by Carly Nugent
Also available in: e-audiobook

Almost twelve years old, Cassie is good at finding her neighbors' pet peacocks but not so good at figuring out the changes in her parents, her older sister, and her best friend Jonas.

Shirley & Jamila save their summer by artist Gillian Goerz

When ten-year-olds Shirley and Jamila meet, Jamila is simply hoping for a friend in her new neighborhood but Shirley is a detective and together they seek a missing gecko.

Tyrannosaurus wrecks by 1969- Stuart Gibbs
Also available in: e-audiobook

The local police prove unhelpful when a 500-pound dinosaur skull vanishes from a secret excavation on Sage's family's ranch, so Teddy and his friends conduct their own investigation.

Convinced that his new neighbor, Zulema Ortiz, is a witch owl, Vincent persuades his cousins Michelle and Bobby to help solve the puzzle--while denying he has a crush on Zulema.

Also available in: e-book

Zatanna and her professional magician father live in a house full of magic, puzzles, and storybook creatures, but when she stands up to a bully in school, she returns home to find her father's gone missing within their own home.