Suggested Graphic Novels for Third Grade


Looking for a good read in a comic book format? Try checking out one of these daring graphic novels. Books are suggested for Third Grade, but remember that each reader is different, and might find something interesting at another level.

At last, Jedi by artist Jarrett Krosoczka

When an unexpected meeting on Coruscant gives Christina Starspeeder a chance to return back to her old school, she soon discover there was a giant prison break and Goonga the Hutt, her dad, is free.

Bad Kitty joins the team by illustrator Nick Bruel

Kitty is terribly out of shape and when Kitty's owner catches her wheezing, she is told that it is time to exercise, but it will take a lot of convincing and a bit of trickery to get Kitty into the competitive spirit.

Life was quiet for Cat (short for Catherine) and her dad until they adopted a cat named things are a bit too exciting! Between turning everything into either a personal scratching post or litter box, and the constant cat and mouse game of 'love me/leave me alone,' Cat and her dad have a lot to learn. It's a hilarious chronicle of daily life of a single parent, a little girl named Cat, and their cat.

Supergirl based on the characters created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. By special arrangement with the Jerry Siegel family.

Garfield easy as pie by 1945 July 28- Jim Davis

A latest full-color compilation of comic strips starring the ever-insatiable orange feline highlights Garfield's sardonic take on the world he begrudgingly shares with the long-suffering Jon, the hapless Odie and the impossibly cute Nermal.

Nadia, the new Wasp, recruits female geniuses to her lab so they can all use their knowledge to make the world better.