Suggested Graphic Novels for Kindergarten


Graphic Novels are great for kids of all ages! Try checking out one of these daring graphic novels. Books are suggested for Kindergarten, but remember that each reader is different, and might find something interesting at another level.

The adorable beastling by artist Jonathan Rosenbaum

This is the tale of The Ugly Duckling in reverse. In this world, Beastling are fierce creatures that scare for food. But one group of young Beastlings have an adorable oddball among them who is too cute to live up to the Beastling ways. How will she survive in this scary world? Just like the original fable, this story is about being yourself and being ok with it.

Ants don't wear pants : a Toon book by illustrator Kevin McCloskey

You'll be captivated by these tiny creatures that hear with their legs and smell with their antennae. Some even explode! In this latest addition to his best-selling Giggle and Learn series, Kevin McCloskey points his magnifying glass at an anthill, shrinking young readers down, down, down into the underground colony. 

C-3PO does not like sand! by Caitlin Kennedy

When C-3PO, R2-D2, and BB-8 travel to Tatooine for the Resistance, BB-8 and R2-D2 have a hard time focusing on the mission.

Jasmine's new pet by artist Nidhi Chanani

Jasmine has a new pet tiger, Rajah, but she needs to tame his wild behavior before the Sultan decides to send him away.

New shoes by artist Sara Varon

After he receives an order for new shoes from Miss Manatee, shoemaker Francis the donkey must journey through the jungle to find the materials he needs, meeting the variety of animals that live near him, including a capybara, jaguar, and three-toed sloth.

Noodleheads find something fishy by illustrator Tedd Arnold

Brothers Mac and Mac are outwitted by Cousin Meatball, three fish, and even a fishing rod when they set out to learn something new.

The wolf in underpants by 1971- Wilfrid Lupano

After living in fear of the wolf with crazy eyes and fangs like ice picks, a forest community is stunned when he shows up looking calm and wearing striped underpants, leaving them wondering why they were so afraid of him.