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Suggested Adventure/Survival Fiction for Third Grade


Looking for action, adventure, or survival? Try checking out one of these daring tales. Books are suggested for Third Grade, but remember that each reader is different and might find something interesting at another level.

Balto of the Blue Dawn by Mary Pope Osborne

Jack and Annie travel back in time to 1925 Nome, Alaska, where they meet Balto, the famous sled dog, and help save the town from illness.

Breakout by Tracey West

Ninja of Earth, Cole, and Zane the titanium ninja help the other captured Elemental Masters break out of Chen's palace, where they've been stripped of their powers and have been forced to work in a noodle factory.

Digging for Dinos by David Anthony

In this fourth adventure, the heroes take a trip to the beach and do some digging, only to discover something terrifying and better off buried.

Not much can scare Will and Marty until they travel with their family to a seaside town famous for its resident ghost. Legend has it that when the sea glows at night, the pirate captain Augustine Crow haunts the shore, searching for a new cabin boy. Of course, Will knows this can't be true. But one night, the sea is lit with an eerie glow...and is that a ghostly voice calling his name?.

Journalist mouse Geronimo Stilton reports on his adventures in the jungle where his friends subjected him to a crash course in overcoming his fears.

Fourth-grader Frankie Piccolini has a vivid imagination when it comes to cleaning his disastrously messy room, but eventually even he decides that it is just too dirty.

A young boy escapes from two wicked aunts and embarks on a series of adventures with six large insects he meets inside a giant peach.

Ralph the mouse ventures out from behind the piney knothole in the wall of his hotel-room home, scrambles up the telephone wire to the end table, and climbs aboard the toy motorcycle left there by a young guest.

A last member of a line of explorers, unfailingly optimistic Pigsticks hires a hapless delivery hamster named Harold to be his companion for a quest through jungles, deserts, and mountains in search of the Ends of the Earth.