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This is the landing page for our 62 Days of Summer STEAM Stops! The acronym STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Please scroll down to see what we have available to keep you and yours engaged this summer.


STEAM Stop: Flight

Cartoon images of a plane, kite, bird, and helicopter

At this all-ages STEAM Stop, you'll learn about the four forces of flight while seeing them in action!  Lift, thrust, weight, and drag work together (or against each other) to make flight possible.  Build and fly planes, helicopters, kites, and rockets, then experiment with the designs and observe the results. Happy flying! 







STEAM Stop: Gross Science

dripping words Gross Science, fly farting, pile of poo, a moldy old broken bone

Gross science refers to all the icky, creepy, and downright yucky stuff in science. We have experiments that include: exploding burp bags, making edible scat, creating fake blisters, and more! If you'd like some more information, want to experiment, or this just piques your interest, click here for STEAM Gross Science






STEAM Stop: Survival

Cartoon images of a house, boat, trees, and microwave

At this all-ages STEAM Stop, you'll learn how to use your STEAM skills to survive in the wilderness. Food, shelter, and transportation can't be taken for granted in the wild. Learn to apply your STEAM skills to these problems with a variety of fun challenges. Can you survive in the wild?  







STEAM Stop: Splash Lab

Splash lab, hose nozzle, glass of ice water, water ballon splashing

One of the best things about summer is experimenting with different water activities. Even if you are stuck inside due to the water we call rain, there are things here to try We have a couple of different ideas for you to try indoors and outdoors this summer with one of our most abundant compounds: water! Click here for STEAM Splash Lab 






STEAM Stop: Performance Science

STEAM Performance, couple dancing, Dj playing music, actors

Did you know that there is a heavy correlation between the arts and aptitude for science and math? While we usually focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, it is important to spend time on the "A" in STEAM. Performance science has activities for every age and ability to encourage creativity and link you to some delightful activities to keep you grooving all summer. Click here for STEAM Performance Science. 






Cartoon images of an atom, a mustache, eyeglasses, and measuring cup

Why should kids have all the fun?  This STEAM Stop is designed with adults in mind.  These activities either require bigger supplies, are more complicated in nature, or include the use of materials not safe for children.  Enjoy! 









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