Splash lab, hose nozzle, glass of ice water, water ballon splashing

Splash lab is all about using different principles of STEAM to explore one of our most abundant compounds made of two elements: hydrogen and oxygen. Though water is everywhere on Earth, it is a very unusual compound because of the nature of the chemical bonds between its atoms. Here are a few facts:

  • Water is denser in its liquid state than in its solid-state, which is why ice can float on or in liquid water.
  • Water has an unusually high boiling point based on its molecular weight.
  • Water is often referred to as the "universal solvent" because of its amazing ability to dissolve so many substances.

We have collected the following activities for you to experiment with water this summer.   

Skittle Investigation

  • Use Skittles to make delightful art or finger paint

Water Balloon Paint Bombs

  • Use household items to create water balloon paint splat bombs! 

Arctic Excavation

  • Use different techniques and chemical reactions to excavate lost treasures at home! 
    • Follow this blog for ideas for humans
    • Follow this blog for a frozen "cake" for your dog
    • Extension ideas
      • make your own ice pops
      • see what other liquids/fruits you could freeze to make yummy ice cubes for a hot day

Looking for more fun things? Check out our other related activities.

Book Suggestions

Hey, water! by illustrator Antoinette Portis
Water by Andrea Rivera
Experiments with water by 1945- Angela Royston

Adult Book Suggestions

The woman in the water [electronic resource] by Charles (Charles B.) Finch