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Share a Story: Orange Storytime

Did you miss our Orange Storytime this week? Don't worry, here's what you missed, plus a few more suggestions so you can create your own colorful storytime at home, complete with songs and stories.

Don't need a full storytime? Borrow a rhyme when you need a short distraction, or check out these materials and spend a few minutes reading together.

From Storytime

Who eats orange? by Dianne White

Who eats orange--a chicken? A bunny? A bear? Animals eat a rainbow of different foods. Young animal enthusiasts will love digging into this lively journey around the world to explore the colorful diets of many animals, from the familiar to the exotic.



Five little oranges, sitting in a bowl

One fell out and started to… ROLL

It bounced on the table and landed at my feet

How many oranges are left to eat?

[count down until all the oranges are gone]


Neon Leon by Jane Clarke

Everyone knows that chameleons are the best at fitting in. But Leon is an exception. Poor Leon is lonely, so he goes off in search of somewhere he won't be a nuisance. In this interactive book, children can help Leon on his journey by counting his steps, sending him to sleep, and reminding Leon that not everyone will judge him based only on his bright hue. But will he ever find a place where he can fit in?



Five orange cats went out one day, over the hills and far away.

Papa cat called, “meow, meow, meow, meow”

But only four cats came back now.

[count down until all the cats are gone]...

No orange cats went out today, over the hills and far away.

Papa cat called (really loudly), “meow, meow, meow, meow”

And all of the orange cats ran back now.


We bounced the parachute to Colors by Beck.


As you go about your day, keep an eye out for orange things. Talk about your favorite colors.

More Songs and Stories to Enjoy

Orange [kit] by Amanda F. Doering

Where is Orange? What orange do you see? Go on an orange adventure as you Sing Your Colors! This hardcover book comes with CD and online music access.



Orange bird, orange bird, turn around.

Orange bird, orange bird, bounce up and down!

Orange bird, orange bird, tip-toe to me.

Orange bird, orange bird, fly so free!

Orange bird, orange bird, peep, peep, peep.

Orange bird, orange bird, sleep, sleep, sleep.

Orange bird, orange bird, fly through the leaves!

Orange bird, orange bird, sit down, please.


It's an orange aardvark! by Michael Hall

A carpenter ant drills a hole to see what is outside his stump, worrying his fellow ants, and when new holes reveal different colors they fabricate a story about the horrible beast that will soon attack

Little Owl's orange scarf by Tatyana Feeney

Loving many things including his City Park tree house, scooter rides, and ice cream, Little Owl strongly dislikes an itchy orange scarf that his mommy makes him wear, a situation that leads to several efforts to lose the scarf and a creative solution at the yarn store.

Orange animals by Melissa Stewart

This colorful book allows emerging readers to read simple text that corresponds to the photograph on the facing page. This helps them practice their reading skills while they enjoy stunning color photographs of many animal species.

Additional Songs:

True Colors (from the Trolls Soundtrack, Cyndi Lauper, or Eva Cassidy)

Rainbow Connection (from the Muppets Green Album)