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Share a Story--Manners

With so much going on in December, sometimes we feel harried, rushed, and maybe not like our best selves. In Storytime we talked about what good manners were vs. naughty manners, and how we can make sure we use them all the time.  

Stories and Songs from Storytime

Songs we sang:

Itsy Bitsy Spider




Books we read:

Grown-ups never do that by 1972- Davide Calì
Monster knows table manners by 1976- Connie Colwell Miller

More Great Stories to Enjoy!

My manners by 1990- Grace Jones
Good manners with your friends by 1984- Rebecca Felix
Good manners at home by 1980- Katie Marsico
The Berenstain Bears that's so rude! by illustrator 1951- Mike Berenstain
Perfectly polite penguins by Georgiana Deutsch
Poop by Poppy Champignon
Thank you! by Ethan Long
Please, Mr. Panda by Steve Antony