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Earlier this year, we asked you to tell us about the books that moved you, books you loved, books that you wanted to share with others. The recommendations listed below come from your neighbors and friends who participated in the Canton Book Project. The links below feature personal recommendations across a variety of genres and include, in their own words, a bit about why the books means so much to the person recommending it. 

If you would like to recommend a book that means a lot to you, you'll find a recommendation form at the bottom of this page. Happy reading! 

Recommendations from the Community

Monica Anderson recommends Winter Chills: Ghostly Tales for Cold Nights

Susan Bock recommends Little House in the Big Woods

Alfred Brock recommends The Hero with a Thousand Faces

Hailey Davis recommends The Little Prince

Sandra den Boer recommends Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Cecilia Escobar recommends An American Marriage

Kristin Felsburg recommends Letting Go of Supermom

Janice Ford recommends A Computer Called Katherine

Alefia Hakim recommends This is How it Always Is

Zainab Hakim recommends Strange the Dreamer

Joshua Jargowsky recommends The Secret Garden

Kelley Moote recommends Attached

Sarah Perry recommends Christmas at Frozen Falls 


If you'd like a more personalized recommendation, check out our May We Suggest service. Choose the Express option to have three recommended items placed on hold for you.


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