READ: Visit a Little Free Library

Boy visiting Little Free Library

Many people love the library because they not only enjoy books, but they love the exchange of books. It’s about more than just saving money. It’s also about sharing stories and information that anyone can benefit from and the serendipity of encountering a title you didn’t know you wanted to read until you happened to stumble upon it. You can get the same feelings of community and literary chance when you stumble upon a Little Free Library as well!


Little Free Libraries are outdoor public bookcases that homeowners and organizations like to put up to facilitate this kind of sharing. There is an official website where you can order a Little Free Library for your neighborhood and a map where you can find the Little Free Libraries in our community. For crafty folks, there are also plans you can follow to build your own Free Little Library from scratch..


Visiting a Free Little Library is always fun because you never know what you’re going to find! Drop off a book you no longer need and think someone else may enjoy, and pick up something new and unexpected!