READ: Bookish Podcasts

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If you like talking about books, have you considered checking out book podcasts? These serial audio programs are a great way to get book recommendations and find out what’s new (or under-appreciated) in your favorite genres. Book podcasts are also a great way to spend time immersed in literary contemplation while you multi-task. Here are some to get you started:


What Should I Read Next?

This is a question we’ve all asked ourselves at one point and this podcasts helps listeners pick their next read.


SFF Yeah!

This is a great podcast for people who love science fiction and fantasy fiction.


Read or Dead

There are many underappreciated mysteries and thrillers out there and this podcast unearths them for your reading pleasure.


Hey YA!

Young Adult fiction isn’t just for teens and this one shows you just how broad and fun this genre can be for everyone.


Getting Into Comics

Learn more about the world of comic books and find out which ones may be right for you.


When in Romance

This biweekly show is dedicated to romance novel news, gushing, and book recommendations.