PINs Improve Account Security

A PIN is now required for self-service transactions

A Personal Identification Number (PIN) has been added to your library account.

Right now, your PIN is your 8-digit birthdate. For example, if you were born on December 10, 1851 like Melville Dewey, your PIN would be 12101851.

A PIN is needed for any self-service transaction, for example, on our website or using self-check, but not for any person-to-person transaction at the Check Out Desk.

You are welcome to leave your PIN the way we set it, but we encourage you to log in to your library account and modify it. Your PIN must have a minimum length of 7 digits and a maximum length of 13. Please avoid numbers with three repeating digits (for example, 1114570) or repeating number pairs (for example, 12121212).

In the future, if you forget your PIN you can select the “Forget your PIN?” link at the bottom of the login page, or call 734-397-0999 and we can reset it back to your birthdate for you.

If you’re wondering why PINs, or want some PIN suggestions, check out this post.