Painting Rocks

The Kindness Rocks Project is growing in popularity all across America, including right here in Canton. Need some inspiration for painting your own rocks? Check out some of these books to get you started.

Nature crafts by Annalees Lim

Provides instructions on creating crafts from natural materials, including "pebble zoo" animals made from painted rocks.

Teaches readers how to make various craft projects inspired by nature or for use outdoors, including painting rocks to look like dominoes or nature scenes.

Presents art and craft projects that benefit the environment, including a section on painting "stone critters" such as owls and dalmatian puppies.

Painting by Paul Calver

Provides a variety of painting projects, including painting pebbles to look like cute ladybugs or other insects.

Provides instructions for a variety of craft activities using recycled materials or items from nature and teaching a respect for the environment. Includes a section on painting rocks to look like miniature houses.

You don't need a green thumb to grow these bloomin' beauties - just some ordinary rocks and acrylic paint. Step-by-step instructions (with lots of pictures) make it fun and easy to paint your own rock tulips, daisies, petunias, daffodils and other flowers. 

Materials from nature by Victòria Seix

Provides instructions for a variety of craft projects using such natural materials as stones, acorns, dried flowers, shells, and sticks. Includes instructions for painting stones to look like fruits and animals!