Open Lego Build September: Fantastic Beast Trap

For this month, Lego engineers were challenged to build a trap for Newt Scamander to catch a Fantastic Beast! The requirements were;

  1. Lure: how will you attract the beast to go into the trap?
  2. Capture: how does your trap contain the beast without hurting it?
  3. Calm: how does your trap calm the beast so it can travel safely?
  1. David's trap is titled Gatekeeper. This trap uses sound to lure the beast in. The gate raises up and traps the beast. Then sound puts the beast to sleep. 
  2. David also created a fort with lots of supplies.
  3. Asma created a Park. At this park you can take a picture, sit, and relax.​
  4. Zayan's trap uses food to lure the monster in. When the beast walks in, it is caught in the cage. Medicine is given to calm the beast.
  5. Caleb's trap is titled Swordlock. This trap has a moving door that slides close to capture the beast. The spider lures the beast in and scent is used to calm the beast.
  6. Caleb also created Monster. This is a monster built to go inside the trap. If you open the top you can see his brains.​
  7. Rayhan's trap uses cake to lure the beast in. Then music is played to calm the beast. The cage that holds the beast has a camera so you can watch what the beast is doing.​
  8. Brinley's is titled Flagtrap. This trap uses flags to lure the beast in through the front door.  When the beast is inside, the door locks. To calm the beast there is a massage table.
  9. Cassidy's Trap has a spinner that plays music to lure beast in. Once inside the pressured floor causes door to close. Medicine is sprayed with a hose to calm the beast.
  10. Sir creation is titled Rest Stop. This is a rest stop. It has a potty so people can go to the bathroom.