Open LEGO Build 10/25/18 Creations

The Open LEGO Builders were given the following prompt: 

It is the spookiest time of year, young Frankensteins!
That can only mean one thing: we need you to create for us the spookiest creature for Halloween!
Build us a monster!

___ What kind of scary creature is it?

___ Where does this spooky creature live?

___ How does it commit its spooky acts?

Adavy: The Flatterer: Haunted Future Car
Cassie: No-Headed-Flag Boat: A Ghost Ship that lives deep in the water
Cali: Rocket Pirate Ship: It's a ghost with pirates!
Hamza A: Mr. Spook: Lives in the forest and scares people with his spooky eyes
Jada: the Invaded City. A mysterious man is attacking the city
Hamza D: The World Killer: Lives in a building and breathes fire and steals money
Omar: a city
Taha: The Robot who lives in the Empire State Building!