No time?! Cat books for busy pet parents

Shake cats by Carli Davidson

The fur flies in this irresistible third installment in the bestselling Shake series by popular pet photographer Carli Davidson, featuring adorable and hysterical color photographs of more than sixty cats caught mid-shake. Pet photographer Carli Davidson has enchanted readers around the world with her adorable photographs of man's best friend in Shake and Shake Puppies. Now, she turns her lens on felines in this sweet and heartwarming volume that is pure catnip for cat lovers. Shake Cats includes more than 130 gorgeous, highly detailed color pictures of felines in mid-shake. Like its predecessors Shake and Shake Puppies, it showcases a charming double-page layout--each spread features two images of the same cat placed side by side to capture the unique movement of the shake. Inside, fans will find a roster listing the names, ages, and breeds of cats photographed. Davidson also provides outtake images of her shoots with the cats, a short, insightful description that explains her process, and information about animal rescue to encourage people considering a new cat to choose a rescue animal.

Cat shaming by Pedro Andrade

What happens when your cat makes a mistake like ruining something valuable or going outside the litter box?  You can't ground or take away their allowance when your cat gets in trouble.  So what is the next best thing?  Cat Shaming!  Cat Shaming is a hilarious collection of photos from owners who express their frustration when their furry best friend does something bad.  Millions of cat owners can relate to the antics of these felines while the picture shows a shamed but adorable, innocent looking kitty. 

Cat lovers, rejoice! This irresistible book compiles over 400 photos from the hugely popular Instagram profile @cats_of_instagram into a keepsake treasure. Playful categories including "bowties," "surprise!," and "happy cats" showcase all the charm and delightful quirks of the wide world of cats. This is a gift that will have feline fans smiling in recognition, surprise, and appreciation.

Patti Davis didn't really adopt Aretha, her first cat. Aretha adopted Patti. When her second cat, Skeeter, moved in, Patti came to realize that shea self-avowed dog personwas now officially in thrall to two very demanding little felines. In 12 short chapters, each delightfully illustrated by Ward Schumaker, the author recounts how her life was changed for the better by living with and learning from her cat companions. In "The Mouse That Got Away" Patti learns a valuable lesson about hope, and in "The Little Scoundrel" she realizes just how wrong a first impression can be. Davis closes each charming vignette with a "Life Lesson." The lessons, like the stories they illuminate, are thoughtful and perceptive. Davis has produced a small treasure of a book; it's sometimes wry, sometimes moving, always universal, and, most importantly, wise.

You know your can is independent, intelligent, and always lands on his feet, but can he play you like a fiddle for human food? How about work a remote control? Or fend off uninvited relatives? A brilliant follow-up to Test Your Cat's IQ, Test Your Cat's IQ Genius Editionpresents a brand-new spin on how to recognize your pet's potential--only this time it's not finding out how good of a pet your cat could be, but instead if she could tackle the world on her own. To help you find out, Simon Holland and acclaimed illustrator Erica Salcedo Saiz have paired up to create a visually-rich handbook filled to the brim with quizzes that ask you to imagine your cat in various situations, activity tests for you to perform with your cat, and games to help boost your cat's brainpower. These exercises might not get your four-legged friend into the college of her choice, but they'll certainly give you another way to bond with your feline. They'll also allow you to score her results. If your cat really is a superstar, she should be able to do more than simply meet her own needs all day long. With Test Your Cat's IQ Genius Edition, it's time to find out if you've been catering to your cat for too long; if your furry friend is a mooch when she could be pulling her own weight around the house.

We'll probably never know why our furry friends insist upon squeezing themselves into weird and awkward places, but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate the ensuing cuteness! With over one hundred photos of cats caught in the act, If It Fits, I Sits captures the quirky, adorable, and no-nonsense spirit of felines everywhere.

97 Ways to Make a Cat Like You is the perfect interactive guide to these mysterious, fickle, seemingly aloof--yet really, just particular--pets. Paired with a full-color photograph of friendly, extroverted, happy cats (in case you've forgotten what a cat looks like when he "likes" you), the 97 inspired, occasionally silly but always behaviorally-based tips and tricks prove that when a cat is treated right, he or she will respond in kind. Within reason. There's the "Eye on the Ball"--record a tennis match or a Ping-Pong game on TV to play back for your cat when he needs a bit of exercise. "Cat Burrito"--wrap your cat in a towel, burrito-style, which is particularly good for anxious pets or trips to the vet. The "Boing, Boing!"--wind pipe cleaners around a pencil in a spiral shape to create springs. Carefully slide off the pencil so the spirals go "boing" when pressed. The classic "Tickle, Tickle"--tickle Kitty under her chin and softly say "gitchy, gitchy, gitchy" in your highest-pitched voice. And for the cat owner willing to go the distance, the "There's No Business Like Show Business"--practice your best Ethel Merman by belting out favorite show tunes for your cat. Kitty won't care if you're off-key and she'll enjoy the stimulation.

"I have learned why cats are so special, that you have to earn their trust and love. I have found the beauty and character that cats possess." When photographer Kim Levin created the magic duet of words and images that appeared in Why We Love Dogs and Why We Really Love Dogs, thousands of animal lovers responded. Now Levin's long-anticipated version for cat lovers is finally here! 
Kim's gift for capturing the essence of animals is reflected in beautiful photos and playful words that show the ways we love cats: because they stop to smell the flowers, because they look like lions, because they clean themselves . . . all the time. Why We Love Catsportrays all that is enchanting, mysterious, and fun in the world of cats.

I am Maru by Mugumogu

Maru, the mischievous male Scottish Fold cat, is an international YouTube sensation--an adorable ball of fur with a penchant for finding remarkably cozy hiding places. Compiled by Maru's owner, the user-named mugumogu, I Am Maru celebrates the unique abilities of this unforgettable feline contortionist with photographs and text, in English and Japanese. Cat lovers everywhere and readers who made Dewey, Zooborns, and I Can Has Cheezburger phenomenal hits will be delighted to get to know better this endearing celebrity cat with a big personality and an enormous established online fanbase.

Do we rush through life without noticing our surroundings? Do we spend enough time caring for our own basic needs and comfort? Take a page from the feline playbook to keep you purring. By mimicking the behavior of the cats that share our homes, we can develop fuller, richer spiritual lives. From the patterns of play, to the need for sleep, to finding joy in the smallest of things, cats show us how to reach inside ourselves for higher goals, a less stressful life, and a newfound ability to purr in tune with the world. Photographs of prancing, prowling, and playful cats provide the necessary inspiration to make the most of all of your nine lives.

Featuring more than 100 photos and quotes from cats in America's most glamorous city, Felines of New York exposes the furry underbelly of New York City's most glamorous, self-important residents. Where New York humans are accomplished, interesting, thoughtful, creative, and even sometimes tragic figures, the cats are simply cats. They do not stand in line for brunch, or have season tickets to the Met, or go indoor-rock climbing in Brooklyn. They do not shop at thrift stores or nibble finger sandwiches at the Russian Tea Room. And they certainly do not give a flying f*ck about the Yankees. No, the felines of New York bathe, purr, bask languidly in the sun, and occasionally cast baleful glances at the humans who provide them food and shelter. They are proof that behind every New Yorker, there lays a cat just waiting to destroy their IKEA futon and then eat their faces off when they die.

A beautifully illustrated history of our relationship with feline companions, from the sacred animals of Ancient Egypt to famous pets of the mid-twentieth century. Also, includes the story of Gertrude of Nivelles (their patron saint), the pampered pets of Samuel Johnson and Anna Pavlova, the early modern associations between cats and outcast women (witches and prostitutes), their veneration as gods in Egyptian mythology, their ancient rivalry with dogs and their prominence in folklore.

Countless books and blogs have extolled the virtues of the Cat Lady--now photographer David Williams celebrates cat-owning men and the precious kitties who have stolen their hearts. His subjects represent a cross-section of American society--musicians and artists, soldiers and CEOs, truck drivers and tattoo artists--with one very furry common denominator. These fun, fuzzy, and offbeat portraits are full of personality, and the accompanying stories share everything from "how we met" to how the cats earned their names.

For these latest entries in their best-selling "24/7" series (America 24/7), Smolan and Cohen sorted through more than 100,000 pictures taken by dog and cat lovers nationwide and for each volume chose 500 breathtaking, full-color photos celebrating the relationship between human and pet. Readers will recognize their own companions, whether it's the new kitten playing with youngsters or a mixed-breed dog hiking in the backcountry with his doctor owner. Besides the images, there are photo essays by well-respected writers like Patricia McConnell, Michael Rosen, and James Herriot ("The Christmas Kitten" from The Best of James Herriott). Featuring purebreds and mutts, fat cats and cool cats, these large-format books will be enjoyed by anyone who has ever owned an animal. For a unique copy, readers can even put their own dog's or cat's photo on the dust jacket. 

If you wrote a letter to your cat expressing your affection, would it be humorous, silly, serious, or poignant? Erspamer (Letters to My Dog) has compiled a variety of notes written by 65 cat owners, including Dr. Mehmet Oz, Mariel Hemingway, and actress Rosanna Arquette, along with veterinarians, photographers, artists, and people associated with the entertainment industry. Included are missives to purebreds, rescues, blind and disabled felines, and those who won the hearts of "dog people." Among the most heartwarming is from a soldier returned from Afghanistan, who, later, with the help of others, secretly transported Koshka the cat to the United States. Also moving is the ode to Scooter, who lost the use of his legs and with the assistance of a kitty "mobility" wagon now visits nursing homes. Each correspondence includes a lovely color photo of these best friends and an appendix with thumbnail images of owners and cats. VERDICT After reading these letters, cat owners might be inspired to write notes to their kitties. 

Shelter cats by Michael Kloth

Cats are now our most popular pets, but every year growing numbers of lost or abandoned cats and kittens enter shelters. In this captivating new book, photographer Michael Kloth makes a passionate appeal to animal lovers everywhere with over 80 endearing portraits of shelter cats.
Kloth’s genuine empathy with his subjects shines through in his enchanting images of cats of all ages, breeds and temperaments, whether curious, playful, proud or shy. Above all, these photographs capture the irrepressible feline spirit, no matter the individual circumstances of each cat. By documenting the unique characters and stories of some of the cats he has encountered in his volunteer work, Kloth raises awareness of animal rescue causes, and especially the need for more adoptive homes. His irresistible
portraits and sincere commitment to animal welfare create a poignant and loving tribute to all cats.

Cats on catnip by Andrew Martilla

A humorous collection of dozens of photos of funny and adorable cats as they play with, roll in, and chow down their favorite snack of choice -- catnip. Cats love catnip. Whether it's eating it, playing with it, or rolling around in it, catnip turns our domestic feline friends into hilarious balls of activity. Carefree and unconstrained, they are free to be silly, exceptionally playful, and downright gnarly. Professional pet photographer and self-confessed crazy cat man Andrew Marttila (the photographer behind Shop Cats of New York) captures a range of the cats' silly and expressive personalities as they react to their catnip trip. Delightful, elegant Fluffy transforms into a hell-bent renegade. Shy, reserved Mittens becomes a free-loving acrobat. In the blink of an eye, a cat's expression transforms from bored to inquisitive to playful to curious to bizarre . . . to utterly unhinged. A fun and delightful look at our furry companions, this gift book is perfect for every cat lover.