Money Smart - Travel on a Budget

Travel can be enlightening, enjoyable... and expensive. We've gathered together ideas for those who want to expand their horizons without emptying their wallets.

Getting Started

Many sources of travel guides have information online for budget traveling. These can be a great place to gather ideas.

Or check out the books 

Transportation and Accomodation

Airline flights can be big ticket items, so compare prices at sites like Google Flights, Kayak or Cheapo Air. If you don't have checked baggage, you could look into "hidden-city ticketing" on Skiplagged.

Hotels can also add up, but sites like Airbnb and VRBO can help you find local homes to rent.

Stay Local

If you don't travel far away, you can save on airline tickets all together.


Chicago by Lorraine Johnson
Chicago by Karla Zimmerman


Skip the hotel costs and stay in the great outdoors. Michigan's Department of Natural Resources maintains hundreds of campsites all over the state. If you've never camped before, here are a few books to help you start.

Presents a comprehensive how-to camping guide that includes information on setting up camp, cooking camp recipes, and hiking.