Library Board Meeting Minutes — Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Chairperson, Michelle Farell, called the meeting to order at 7:49 PM.

Present:           Nancy Eggenberger, Michelle Farell, Jasmine Lee, Jane Pandit, Don Turner, Amy Watts

Absent:            None

Also Present:  E. Davis, K. Gladden

  • CALL TO AUDIENCE (L. Golden, R. Havenstein-Coughlin, D. McHugh, M. Nicholson, N. Szczepanski)

   The agenda was approved by unanimous consent.


   The minutes were approved by unanimous consent.

    • Friends of the Library Board member Larry Hoelscher is home from the hospital, as is his wife, Gail.
    • The fiscal year is 2/3 completed. Insurance is trending high (due to payments necessarily made at the beginning of the year), as is Capital Outlay (due to the construction project in the first quarter). Building Improvements are trending high, due to replacements costing less than $5,000 (such as doors) which fall into that category (replacements costing $5,000+ fall under Capital Outlay).
    • Additional revenue derived from the second state aid payment and from penal fines will be recognized in the 3rd Quarter Budget Amendment in October.
  • TRUSTEE COMMENTS — Secretary/Treasurer Jasmine Lee asked if the board would be voting on the LED lighting proposal mentioned by Business Services Department Head Marian Nicholson at the August meeting.  Eva Davis stated that Nicholson and Building Supervisor Jim Laffey are looking into other consultants, some of whom have said that LED lighting could be included as part of energy analysis proposals (similar to the Siemens proposal), so they are waiting for the other feasibility studies before presenting a stand-alone proposal on lighting to the board.
  • Approve 2018 Draft Schedule of Board Meetings and Library Closures — N. Eggenberger moved and J. Pandit supported a motion to approve the 2018 Schedule of Board Meetings and Library Closures as presented.

    The motion passed unanimously, 17/9-21-1

    • MERS Defined Benefit Pension Plan Closure to New Hires — The subject of the proposed closure of the MERS defined benefit plan to new employees was introduced. The board reviewed the MERS projection study and read the proposed Draft Resolution; they had no questions on either document. They discussed a general timeline for implementing this change and agreed with director E. Davis that closing the old plan to new employees effective January 1, 2018, would be preferable.
    • Committee Appointments
      • Retirement Benefits  — A Retirement Benefits Committee (comprised of Secretary/Treasurer J. Lee and Trustees Nancy Eggenberger and Amy Watts) will meet with director E. Davis to review and make recommendations to the board regarding a new plan.
      • Director’s Evaluation — Chair Michelle Farell, Vice Chair Don Turner, and Trustee Jane Pandit will meet to discuss and make recommendations to the board regarding the director’s performance evaluation.
    • Approve Proposal for Roller Blind Replacement in Friends’ Activity Room — Davis explained that this was an item left over from the previous year’s construction project, which had been value engineered out of the project to stay within budget. Monies to cover the expenditure in 2017 will be moved into Building Improvements with the October Budget Amendment.
      N. Eggenberger moved and A. Watts supported a motion to approve the proposal for roller blind replacement in the Friends’ Activity Room.
      The motion passed unanimously 17/9-21-2

The meeting was adjourned at 8:32 PM.